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Do I Have Essential Tremor?

I think I might have Essential Tremor, but I'm not sure.

My hands will go into extremely bad/violent shakes whenever I'm doing something such as typing, writing, drawing, etc. It's extremely annoying and has been becoming more frequent/worse. I just had another 'episode' (that's what I call it when it happens) and it's starting again. This will be the third time it's happened in less than 6 hours.

It also seems to be worse in my right hand.

My grandmother also has the disease but my parents don't.

How can I find out if I have Essential Tremor? What type of doctor should I go to?

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    See a Neurologist right away. You may be able to slow the progress of what ever you have by getting medication right away. Don't wait. Neurological disorders should not be left to get worse as often they can be irreversible.

    Source(s): Mother has neurological disorder.
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