Amazon Prime Two Day Shipping?

I ordered two things yesterday (June 27th, 2012) and I used the two day shipping. My question is... if one of the items said "order in the next hour and get it by Friday, June 29th" but the other item did not say that... will my package still get here on Friday or another day?


I forgot to add that it shipped at about 6:00 PM tonight!

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    Check the order again and see when it's going to ship, and see if you chose to combine items to save shipping or ship items as soon as they're ready (which costs more in shipping). Not all items are immediately available in their warehouse - only one of the items you picked was - the other may take them a few days, a few weeks or even a few months to get into their warehouse before they send it to you (and when they do have it to ship to you, the shipping would take only 2 days from THEN).

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