Rate these baby names!!!!?

--- Girls ---

• Afton Lynette

• Beulah Phyllis

• Clara Nevaeh

• Hestia Teague

• Brynnleigh Ilene

• Spencer Logan

• Jennifer Paige

• Olivia Jane

--- Boys ---

• Jessen Bellamy

• Asher Jude

• Daniel Alexander

• Lyle Norbert

• Ambreen James

• Diego Manuel

• Levi Joshua

• Richard Hugh

And if you really want best answer, give a detailed comment explaining why you gave it that rating. Remember, middle names are "hidden," so they don't matter as much as the first name. The last name is Masse.


3 Answers

  • Kate
    Lv 4
    8 years ago
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    • Afton Lynette - I would like it a whole lot better if Afton was for a boy. It just doesn't sound right for a girl IMO. I do like the name Lynette though! good choice (:

    • Beulah Phyllis - I kinda like Beulah lol but Phyllis is a little too old fashioned for my taste, but hey its your kid. They do however flow well!

    • Clara Nevaeh - LOVE Clara! it is so classy and elegant that should NOT be paired with a trashy name like Neveah. I seriously despised that name! but i do like your choice on Clara (:

    • Hestia Teague - Don't care for it, sorry.

    • Brynnleigh Ilene - Cute first name, but too "Trendeigh" maybe Brinley? or Brinlee? Ilene is cute though!

    • Spencer Logan - Again, i love these names but for BOYS not girls. Giving boy names on girls is so dumb and ignorant. There are plenty of girl names out there that are not common. You could at least pick a girly name with a boyish nickname if it means that much to you.

    • Jennifer Paige - Jennifer is okay but not a big fan. Ive met so many of them through out my school years, so i see it kind of boring. Paige however, is nice. Again i like how they flow well together.

    • Olivia Jane - I really like Olivia, especially the nick name "Liv" (: Jane is kind of plane to me.

    • Jessen Bellamy - Never heard of Jessen before, but i kinda like it. I don't like Bellamy though, sounds a bit weird.

    • Asher Jude - Love it! flows really well.

    • Daniel Alexander - Again i love it! (:

    • Lyle Norbert - Don't care for Lyle, and don't like Norbert.

    • Ambreen James - Ambreen looks made up. James is awesome!

    • Diego Manuel - I always liked the name Diego (: don't care much for Manuel. Maybe Diego Fernando or Diego Armando?

    • Levi Joshua - I like this name, sounds nice! (:

    • Richard Hugh - I like Richard, i have it on my list but as a middle name. Hugh is okay. They also flow nicely together.

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  • 8 years ago

    Clara. Olivia, brynnleigh. Overall these girl names are far more modern and cute. If the other names have meaning behind them and you have no fear that she will be embarrassed go ahead. But i like these best.

    As for the boy names, boys nowadays want muscular and manly names so i think Asher, Daniel, and Levi would be best. But whatever you like best matters (:

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Love the name spencer logan,it just goes together and sounds like a really fun name!

    For a boy I like asher jude because it just sounds so independant and different!

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