What is the meaning of the phrase, "eyes wide shut"?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Witnessing Something and Not Acknowledging it Exist...like your husband cheating but you choose to ignore it.

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    8 years ago

    Hi Birdy!

    I could be wrong but, here's my take on that saying??

    Someone who enters into a situation, fully aware of what may happen. Inasmuch as they should be responsible / accountable for their actions. Things do not go as they'd have hoped. Everything goes wrong. So that they had their " eyes wide shut. " They could see all clearly before them, yet were unaware of what was there to begin with.

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  • Peepaw
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    8 years ago

    It's a title of an excellent movie by Stanley Kubrick (director)], based on the 1926 novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story) by Arthur Schnitzler.

    It means a person refuses to see something in plain view, because of preconceived notions of what this something should look like. This frequently happens to naïve people. In the said movie, the title refers to sexuality, specifically to female sexuality, and refusal of the protagonist to see that women can have both sexual fantasies (besides her primary partner) and substantial sex drive.

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  • Thomas
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    8 years ago


    Hi. First time answerer. It is a pleasure and honor.

    To me, it's meaning is analogous to "hearing but not listening"

    In other words, I am looking at something with my eyes, but I am not seeing it.

    An example for a man too might be this: I see the exterior beauty of this woman, but I am not looking within, to see the beauty of her heart, her spirit. I am clearly missing the boat. My eyes are wide shut.

    The ironical thing about the above scenario is once, if ever, a man is able to discern this, and truly open his eyes, her exterior radiates even more beauty than before.

    Great Question.


  • 8 years ago

    It came from that movie... remember Birdy...

    essentially about marriage.. but I feel it has to do with all of our relationships and how we perceive what we have to do in maintaining. I much prefer... the verse which speaks of 'passing over'/ verse to follow...

    it is necessary to turn a blind eye to some failings to keep a relationship alive.


    19:11 The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory

    ... With wisdom, understanding, and knowledge from God any can defer anger! Wow! ... Remembering 'we' need to be able to "pass over a transgression" to not get burnt ourselves. Life has a way of bringing us through many experiences... so we learn how to love well. (We don't passover just to prevent our burning... but so that, none of us is to become or taken to a state of being where the hurt defers or takes any off the course that God wants established. Scripturally it's stated we all fall short of the glory of God for a reason, to remind us to be gracious in this, as we all can offend even in silence! None of us is exempt from offending. Some take offense into the farthest realms, with some there is no ease in creations of amending as some hearts go beyond the extremes in holding resentments. Better to learn how to "Pass over" as I see it from the get go!

    WE can overlook many indiscretions.. if we choose to... we grow in wisdom, as we learn how to become

    'counted' (numbered) as those who bless all men!

    I know I have strayed from the question in a way... however, this seems to gather us more towards what is needed in this life to guarantee safe passage home... to all that matters... our LORD.

  • 8 years ago

    i think it could mean one of two things either it means people see things but are oblivious to what is happening or to the message that we have already seen. It could also mean your eyes are closed but you know everything that is going on around you. It is most likely the first one (:

  • 8 years ago

    It's a movie staring Tom Cruise.

    It is seeing something your not supposed to see.

  • Anon
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    8 years ago

    Not noticing what is the obvious.

    Like the ten points coming my way!


  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Those with good eye are inclined to fall into deep well...

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