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could you rate these names i like for babys?

--- Girls ---

• Afton Lynette

• Beulah Phyllis

• Clara Nevaeh

• Hestia Teague

• Brynnleigh Ilene

• Spencer Logan

• Jennifer Paige

• Olivia Jane

--- Boys ---

• Jessen Bellamy

• Asher Jude

• Daniel Alexander

• Lyle Norbert

• Ambreen James

• Diego Manuel

• Levi Joshua

• Richard Hugh

And if you really want best answer, give a detailed comment explaining why you gave it that rating. Remember, middle names are "hidden," so they don't matter as much as the first name. The last name is Masse.


BQ: Where you're from, do you pronounce any of these names as rhyming: Meagan, Reagan, Teagan, or Deagan? Where I'm from, they're all pronounced differently, but I'm just wondering if you pronounce any of these similarly.

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  • Willow
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    Afton Lynette 7/10 -- I really adore the name Afton, I have it on my guilty pleasure list (Afton Serenity). I just think it's a really beautiful,feminine and original style name. I fell in love this name when I was younger, and heard the song "Sweet Afton" by Nickel Creek (if you haven't heard this song, I urge you to go listen, you'll Afton even more lol). Lynette is a really interesting name, I don't hate it but I don't really care for it either. It does sound great with Afton though

    Beulah Phyllis 0/10 -- I'm sorry for such a low rating, but I just don't think either of these are flattering or pretty in any way.

    Clara Nevaeh 3/10 -- I think Clara is a gorgeous. and I really love the sound of Nevaeh but I despise that it's "heaven backwards". I'd prefer Clara Nevaya personally.

    Hestia Teague 0/10

    Brynnleigh Ilene 4/10 -- I think it' sounds, but I'd prefer Brinley Eileen. It just looks prettier that way.

    Spencer Logan 0/10, if this were on the boys list than I'd be totally in love with it, but the fact that it's on the girls list makes me want to vomit...I'm sorry =(

    Jennifer Paige 8/10, simple,typical but still very beautiful.

    Olivia Jane 6/10, pretty but very generic.

    Jessen Bellany 0/10

    Asher Jude 10/10 LOVE this name, I actually have this exact combo on my favorites list.

    Daniel Alexander 4/10, handsome but again generic.

    Lyle Norbert 6/10, cute and quirky.

    Ambreen James 3/10, Ambreen seems pretty feminine IMO. I'd prefer Ambrose James.

    Diego Manuel 2/10

    Levi Joshua 8/10, so adorable.

    Richard Hugh 2/10

    BQ : I'm from Sweden, and typically we'd pronounced them -MAY-gan-, -RAY-gan - TAY-gan and -DAY-gan. So ya, most of us would say them all the same, for the most part.

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  • 8 years ago

    Afton Lynette - 6

    Beulah Phyllis - 6

    Clara Nevaeh - 10 (LOVE IT!)

    Hestia Teague - 3

    Brynnleigh Ilene - 9

    Spencer Logan - 10

    Jennifer Paige - 10

    Olivia Jane - 7

    Jessen Bellamy - 9

    Asher Jude - 10

    Daniel Alexander - 8 (nice names, but a bit of a mouthful)

    Lyle Norbert - 10

    Ambreen James - 2 (WTH is Ambreen?!)

    Diego Manuel - 10

    Levi Joshua - 1

    Richard Hugh - 9

    BQ: Meagan - MEH-gan

    Reagan - RAY-gan

    Teagan - TEE-gan

    Deagan - DÆ-gan

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't like the names: afton Lynette

    Beulah Phyllis

    Spencer Logan

    And hestia Teague they are all weird and they really don't sound too Girly and I think your daughter would get picked on. Beulah makes me think of the sound a trumpet makes and Spencer Logan sound like a guys name. The other are just ugly.

    The girls names I didn't say are really pretty.

    For boys:

    I don't like jessen Bellamy why don't you just name him Jesse

    Lyle jude I just dont like the name Lyle the Rest would be ok for a little boy

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  • 8 years ago


    1) Love it, elegant and beautiful- 10

    2) Old, anchient, grown-up. Very 1940's.- 1 or even 0

    3) Nice, good ring- 6

    4) Wierd, not sure how its pronounced- 1

    5) Pretty, and simply perfect- 10

    6) Boyish, not for a girl- 1

    7) Flows nicely, very pretty and sounds ravishing- 10

    8) Innocent, sweet, and Kind- 10


    1) Unique, sweet, adorable- 9

    2) Handsome, and great flow- 10

    3) Nice, traditional- 5

    4) Old, kind of sounds like a servant's name-sorry- 1

    5) Na, unique yes, but No. Middle name is nice though- 2

    6) Sounds kinda too much like a puppy's name- 1

    7) Sweet, relaxing, very comfortable and fitting.- 10

    8) Respectable, and responsible- 4

    BQ answer:I'm from New Orleans, all those names are pronounced differently.

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  • 8 years ago

    I love all these names! They are original and beautiful! (however in my country hestia is a bra brand name and we say it stands for "Holds Every Size Tit In Australia" so personally Id steer clear of that one.. lol.) My favorite of the girls names is: Clara Nevaeh - it sounds sophisticated and very girly. My fave of the boys names is: Lyle Norbert. It in my opinion (and where im from) its less common and I feel its also sophisticated. Im imagining the names on grown ups and I think they seem clean sounding and smart. Both the names also suit a child and an adult.

    In Australia we pronounce those names Mee-gan, Ree-gan (or sometimes Ray-gan- but I think most spell that Raegan), Tee-gan (thats MY name!) and Ive never heard of Deagan! But Id pronounce it the same as all the others. The "gan" part is pronounced more like "gun" or "gen" where we are from too. So yes VERY similarly pronounced.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hate all the girl names except Olivia and Paige

    Of the boys, all I like is Asher Jude, very cute.

    I would pronounce them:

    Meagan (MEGG-an)

    Reagan (REE-gun)

    Teagan (TEE-gun)

    I have never heard of Deagan.

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