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Rate these names, please?

--- Girls ---

• Afton Lynette

• Beulah Phyllis

• Clara Nevaeh

• Hestia Teague

• Brynnleigh Ilene

• Spencer Logan

• Jennifer Paige

• Olivia Jane

--- Boys ---

• Jessen Bellamy

• Asher Jude

• Daniel Alexander

• Lyle Norbert

• Ambreen James

• Diego Manuel

• Levi Joshua

• Richard Hugh

And if you really want best answer, give a detailed comment explaining why you gave it that rating. Remember, middle names are "hidden," so they don't matter as much as the first name. The last name is Masse.


BQ: Where you're from, do you pronounce any of these names as rhyming: Meagan, Reagan, Teagan, or Deagan? Where I'm from, they're all pronounced differently, but I'm just wondering if you pronounce any of these similarly.

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    Afton is a boys name, and Lynette to me is a filler name 0/10

    I still don't like Beulah not at all elegant or something that rolls of the tongue easily. Phyllis to me is an old fashioned name, that should not make a come back. 0/10

    Clara is an ok name, its not one of my favourites, but its inoffensive and won't cause bullying or anything like that. Nevaeh is dull and boring and I just don't like it. 5 for Clara.

    I've never heard of Hestia before, I much prefer Hester, Hestia just sounds wrong. Teague is a boys namel 0/10 on a girl.

    Brynnleigh just sounds so hick its unbelieveable. Bryn is male first off, and adding leigh to it just makes it looks stupid, no more feminine; and I just hate it. Ilene should be spelt Eileen I-lene is childish. 0/10

    Spencer Logan is again a boys name a nice boys name, 5/10 for a boy, 0/10 for a girl

    Jennifer Paige is nicer probably the best on the list. I like Jennifer, but I don't like the name Paige although it does flow well here 6/10

    Olivia Jane, I like Olivia, Jane is again a filler name and I don't really like it, 5/10 for Olivia.

    Jessen Bellamy - I don't like Jessen, it doesn't sound like a proper name Jesse is better. Bellamy to me is a surname. 2/10

    • Asher Jude I don't really like Asher, I think Ashton or Ashley is better, love Jude. 5/10 for Jude alone

    • Daniel Alexander Bit plain and ordinary for my tastes, but nothing wrong with the names. 5/10

    • Lyle Norbert Don't like Lyle as I live near Tate and Lyle and Norbert? Really? That is horrendous. 1/10

    • Ambreen James I've never heard of Ambreen before. Would stay away from anything with a type of fish in the name. James is nice 4/10 for James, nothing for Ambreen

    Diego Manuel Diego remind me of the cat in Ice Age and Manuel remind me of fawlty towers. 4/10

    • Levi Joshua Think Levi is a nice name and Joshua flows well here, think this is the best name on the list, 7/10

    • Richard Hugh Don't mind Richard, bit plain and safe, dislike Hugh, and it doesn't flow well here, 4/10

    I don't know what Meagan is supposed to say, to me Megan is Meg-an, so it wouldn't rhyme with the rest.

    Reagan would be Ray-gan due to Ronald Reagan (rather than Regan said Ree-gan)

    Teagan could be Tee-gan (the correct Irish) so would rhyme with Reagan,

    Never heard of Deagan but I would assume its Dee-gan?

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