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Is it okay to put hydrogen peroxide on your cheek piercings?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No, definitely not. Please do not put hydrogen peroxide on your piercings. Treat them as lip piercings. Here is what you need to do.

    Always wash your hands first before touching or cleaning your piercing. Clean your lip after every meal and make sure you brush your teeth also. Grab a Q-Tip and soak one end in Listerine and gently rub around the piercing in your inner lip and then take another Q-Tip and dip one end in antibacterial soap and gently rub around your outer lip and make sure you prevent getting soap in your mouth. Your lip will may get crusted blood on it and make sure you wash it all off. Keep cleaning like this for at least 6-8 weeks.

    Don't play with or unnecessarily touch the piercing during the healing period. Although you should turn it occasionally or it can get stuck to your lip.

    Don't take out the piercing if it is infected, the hole will close up and trap the infection inside, making it harder to get rid of the infection.

    Don't eat too many dairy products. They can get in the hole and spoil and cause problems.

    Be careful when changing your jewelry. If you take it out early and the surrounding area isn't toughened, you can rip the delicate interior.

    Rinse with warm salted water several times a day.

    Check here.

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  • emond
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    4 years ago

    Works nicely - i think of you're meant to dilute it hair-strangth peroxide some million:5 with water then pour slightly in, hear to the fab gurgling noises and then carry a tissue to the ear and allow it out. Works BRILLIANTLY in case you have been swimming lots on trip underwater - the rigidity can compress any wax and make it particularly painful. The Hydrogen peroxide solves the difficulty interior of approximately 15 seconds according to ear. Fab stuff, low-priced, works nicely and generations have used it effortlessly. Mark

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