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What Trade(s) should The New York Yankees Make By The July 31st Deadline ?

Should the yanks make some trades

Who should they go after and what would they offer in return

thanks for your time

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    Yankee fan? The Yankees always need pitching, especially now that Pettite and CC are down and Rivera is out. HOWEVER, the Yanks don't have any friendly teams willing to trade without demanding a fortune for so-so players. Too many young prospects have been traded away for temporary fixes that wind up costing a fortune. Cases in point are: Steve Trout, Hideki Irabu, Ken Holtzman, AJ Burnett, Kenny Rogers, Jose Contreras, Jeff Weaver, Britt Burns and so on. Add up the total wins (as a Yank) of these 8 so-called pitchers and I am not sure if it equals 99. Oh, I missed Randy Johnson who won 34 games in 2 years. Not bad but consider this: His ERA was 4.75 or around that and his post-season ERA was 7. Not exactly average. Johnson was a good pitcher for sure but the point is the Yankees have a history of over-paying for over-the-hill pitchers when they panic either during or between seasons. Yanks have some good talent that are gaining experience. No time to panic. If they resist impulse trades they should do just fine.

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    The thing is they really don't have any needs apart from a potential starting pitcher. From the pitching perspective, Soriano has been really good since Rivera went down and the young bullpen guys have stepped it up. Not to mentuion Aardsma and Chamberlain are expected back by Qugust/September. In the rotation, CC will miss 2 maybe 3 starts which isn't a huge deal. They can get by until he comes back. With Pettitte, maybe Garcia or Warren or Phelps pitches well until he comes back. At 40, it's safe to assume he'll be back by September but there is the possibility that he doesn't come back. By the later part of July, I'm sure they'll get a better idea of when he'll be back so they can make a move. Unlike the supposed Yankee fan above me, the Yankees have pieces to move and have a solid farm system. One of the Killer B's and Campos could be moved if necessary and they have a few catching prospects and some outfielders. They have the pieces and there are plenty of teams that could be potential trading partners with pitchers that could be a solid 2-3 guy for the Yankees postseason run. But it's still too early and no team is really ready to deal.

    Offensively, they have no needs. They don't need a DH because it's used as a rotation to give days off to Jeter, A-Rod and now Ibanez and Jones (with some going to Tex) to keep their bats in the lineup but their bodies healthy from injuries they could sustain playing everyday in the field. In left, Ibanez and Jones have been a solid platoon and their defense hasn't been a liability although without Gardner they don't have the speed they would have had with him in the lineup. If the Yankees need anything, it's some speed. Stolen bases could help them get more oppurtunities to drive in and maufacture runs.

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