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Is there a single word synonym for a scouting boat?

I'm trying to find a word that means something along the lines of "boat that is used for scouting (for the military)". Kind of odd request I know, but I need it for a report. I can't find anything online that won't turn up specific types of boats, like PWC jetskis. If anyone has any ideas that'd be great!

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  • Namito
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    8 years ago
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    One idea: gray motorboat.

    A verb for scouting can help you. Reconnoiter, it means make a military observation of (a region).

    For example: "They reconnoitered the beach with a motorboat before the landing".

    There is a development that surprises me but it is in the clandestine trial stage, A quartet of drab gray motorboats stalked the shoreline, guarding an imaginary oil platform. They could have passed for Coast Guard utility boats, except there was an empty space where the pilot would stand and, in fact, no one onboard at all.

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