San Diego Public Transit Questions (Old Town, Petco Park)?

Alright, we'll in mid-July me and my family are staying In San Diego Old Town at the Holiday Inn Express. Address: Holiday Inn Express Hotel San Diego-Old Town, Old Town Avenue, San Diego, CA. We are from Ohio, so are flying from Ohio to CA, and we won't be renting a car. On Google maps, it says to drive from the hotel to Petco Park is 10 minutes. Knowing we will be riding Public Transit places, I clicked on Public Transit to find it takes an astonishing 49 minutes even though it's only 7.9 miles away! Why does this take so long? Is there a faster way of Public Transit?

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    Ignore that. It takes more than 10 minutes by car and less than 49 minutes by trolley. Your problem with the trip planner is they want you to catch a bus to Old Town Transit Center or some other nonsense, which will take forever. You are better off walking to Old Town Transit Center (it's about 1/2 mile away) and catching the trolley. Anything involving a bus in this city will take hours. If walking is not an option then catch a cab to/from your hotel to Old Town Transit Center.

    The Trolley will take you right from Old Town to the ballpark. On game day and for Comic-Con they run the Special Event Red Line trains from Old Town right to Petco Park.

    If you are not going to a game on game day then you have two options:

    Take the Blue Line to 12th and Imperial Tansit Center and walk two blocks (this goes right through the middle of downtown and takes a bit longer, especially during rush hour, because of traffic)

    Take the Blue Line and transfer to the Orange Line at America Plaza. The Orange Line goes right to the Gaslamp and leaves you 1 block from Petco.

    The trip is about 15 minutes by Red Line and about 30 if you need to transfer to the Orange Line (you spend most of your time waiting for the connection)

    BTW If you are here for Comic-Con week (July11-15) the special Red Line trolley will also be in operation but expect large crowds on the trolley.

    Also, Old Town has one of the best Italian restaurants in town. Pizza Bella features home made Italian food made from Mama Bella's recipes. During the day their courtyard is open for outdoor dining. It's one block from the Old Town trolley stop.

    Source(s): Go to Petco and Comic-Con by trolley all the time
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