Israel Vs France War?

no nukes, conventional Brawl, who would win it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Lol unlikely because their both NATO aligned but still an interesting argument. France IS nuclear, Israel MIGHT of tested nukes in the 70's but its unknown if they still have some today. France is currently losing wars of stalemates in Afghanistan, and in previous years in Iraq. The last war they won was the Persian Gulf War (not including the bombing of Kosovo because no foot soldiers were deployed there). Israel has won every terrorist and insurgency since the 50's, and in their most recent war (the Lebanese War 2006) they were the aggressor and were actually much more successful than their foes even though the war was decided as a stalemate. In the end if France were to deploy their troops into Israel Vietnam style then guerrilla warfare (which is what the Israeli Army specializes in) would favor Israel resulting in their victory. But if it is a head-on say 20 year war with the movement of most of France's troops to Israel then France would be victor.

    Source(s): Hell lot of Military Channel on weekends
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  • 5 years ago

    France has a military? Wow, I just learned something new. But let's be real France would lose because if they see the enemy, tell just surrender. That's what their best at

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  • Ishan
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    8 years ago

    That would be an easy win for France. Israeli military is very small compared to that of France.

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  • 8 years ago

    France can't fight for s**t. Israel would win.

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