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Why is United Airlines so expenive?

And how can people afford to fly on it? I fly out of Denver a lot which is a United hub, and when booking a flight I check all airlines to find the best net price (baggage,etc). United always seems so much more expensive than everyting else. Delta, AA, Southwest, Frontier, etc are always exponentially cheaper.

Then when I go to the airport, everybody and thier brother has a United boarding pass and is on United. Why would they buy it?

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    United has the most flights out of Denver so I would expect that more people would be flying it. As for being a lot more expensive than the other airlines, especially out of Denver, maybe it is because the airline has a lot more non-stop flights so you are paying for that convenience factor. Where I live, Delta has the most flights and their ticket prices used to be really expensive. The airline's reasoning was that you are paying for the convenience of not having to connect somewhere.

    If you have a lot of business travelers and the company is paying, then they probably will fly United because they want a non-stop flight and price is not a factor.

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    its more expensive cuz its a more "luxurious" airline.

    southwest is a low budget airline with no frills.

    the people that fly with united obviously have more money to spend. perhaps they have high paying jobs.

    people fly with them cuz they care about the frills.

    personally i don't. i just want to get from point A to point B without crashing in between.

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    United has been cheaper when I've flied in the past. It depends on a lot of details.

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    Mandalor, I have flown United internally in the US, and never found that the case. Also found their service to be very good.

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