2013 mock draft, agree with it?

1. Cleveland Browns - Robert Woods - Wide Receiver - USC

2. Miami Dolphins - Jarvis Jones - Linebacker - Georgia

3. Oakland Raiders - Matt Barkley - Quarterback - USC

4. Indianapolis Colts - Jake Matthews - Offensive Tackle - Texas A&M

5. Minnesota Vikings - David Amerson - Cornerback - N.C. State

6. Arizona Cardinals - Tyler Bray - Quarterback - Tennessee

7. St. Louis Rams (via Washington Redskins) - D.J. Fluker - Offensive Tackle - Alabama

8. Buffalo Bills - Aaron Murray - Quarterback - Georgia

9. St. Louis Rams - Marcus Lattimore - Running Back - South Carolina

10. Seattle Seahawks - Marquess Wilson - Wide Receiver - Washington State

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Xavier Rhodes - Cornerback - Florida State

12. Jacksonville Jaguars - Sam Montgomery - Defensive End - LSU

13. Carolina Panthers - Kawann Short - Defensive Tackle - Purdue

14. Cincinnati Bengals - Manti Te'o - Linebacker - Notre Dame

15. New York Jets - Tyler Wilson - Quarterback - Arkansas

16. Tennessee Titans - DeMarcus Milliner - Cornerback - Alabama

17. New Orleans Saints - Bjoern Werner - Defensive End - Florida State

18. Philadelphia Eagles - Keenan Allen - Wide Receiver - California

19. Kansas City Chiefs - Logan Thomas - Quarterback - Virginia Tech

20. Dallas Cowboys - Ricky Wagner - Offensive Tackle - Wisconsin

21. San Diego Chargers - Barrett Jones - Guard - Alabama

22. Pittsburgh Steelers - Seantrel Henderson - Offensive Tackle - Miami

23. Denver Broncos - Tyrann Mathieu - Defensive Back - LSU

24. Atlanta Falcons - Knile Davis - Running Back - Arkansas

25. Chicago Bears - Oday Aboushi - Offensive Tackle - Virginia

26. Baltimore Ravens - Alex Okafor - Defensive End - Texas

27. San Francisco 49ers - Brandon Jenkins - DE/OLB - Florida State

28. New York Giants - Alex Hurst - Offensive Tackle - LSU

29. Detroit Lions- Montee Ball - Running Back - Wisconsin

30. New England Patriots - Johnny Adams - Cornerback - Michigan State

31. Houston Texans - Jelani Jenkins - Linebacker - Florida

32. Green Bay Packers - Desmond Trufant - Cornerback - Washington

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would say go back to your day job, if you have one. This is not only awful, it's laughable. Not sure how you have the Dolphins and Raiders in the top 3, Barkley won't be the first QB taken (too short), and you have too many players from Florida State going in the 1st round.

  • 7 years ago

    I know it's real early but Im not liking it.

    A lot of your predicted draft order is awful, IMO. The Jags will be picking in the top 5. I think Indy is the clear cut leader for the first pick. They're going to have a bunch of rookies and veteran rejects startng. I understand the Dolphins don't have a great QB situation but Matt Moore won 6 of his last 9 games last season. Miami will be at least a 7 win team. Why do you have Cinci regressing? You really think Manning with the Broncos will ensure them picking earlier than Tebow got them? I can go on and on.

    Barkley's not #1? At least throw a qb at #1. Woods is good but #1? A WR hasn't been taken #1 since 1984. If Calvin Johnson wasn't #1 material then Woods certainly isnt either. Besides, the Browns don't value WRs and would never take one that early.

    Where's Barkevious Mingo?

    ect, ect, ect...keep trying

  • 7 years ago

    The Browns wont be picking 1st.

    A wideout wont be going 1st overall, a quarterback will

    It wont be Matt Barkley.

    Florida State wont have 4-5 players going in the 1st round

    The Detroit Lions wont be picking 29th

    if 3 NFC north teams make the playoffs, the Cowboys cannot get the wildcard as all division winners must make it

    Wheres Barkevious Mingo? Its a pretty memorable name so im sure you didnt forget it.

    Source(s): This list is hot garbage
  • 3 years ago

    i might actually see the Blazers shifting as much as everywhere around 3-5. there grow to be a type of talk of them eyeing Victor Oladipo however, so i might see them determining to purchase and merchandising recommendations with a artwork rigidity like Phoenix rather. i think your mock seems stable, different than there's no danger Gorgui Dieng is going 12th entire, too lots of a stretch thinking that that he particularly isn't all that basically ideal of a basketball participant (particularly). i might see the Thunder taking the two Kelly Olynyk or Rudy Gobert in that #12 spot rather.

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  • Levi
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    I like it.

    Mainly because I'm a Chiefs fan who loves Logan Thomas. Cleveland won't have the #1 overall pick, though.

  • MVP
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Its so difficult to make the mock draft like this. You have got fans from all over all they need is one reason to criticize you. Ofcourse I dont fully agree with it, nor will anyone else because like i said its hard to be absolutely correct on mock drafts like this....

    I give you thumbs up for actually taking the time to make this list. Good job dude!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Texans are picking 32nd just so you know.

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