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OBAMA WINS! Individual mandate upheld! ObamaCare intact! Cons, you mad?

Hey hateful Cons, you said it would get struck down.

You mad?


Supreme Court finds ObamaCare to be perfectly Constitutional.

Update 2:

crash: I know exactly what it means - a reinterpretation of essentially the same thing means that it was upheld and is intact.

Victory for the White House. Victory for America.

Huge loss for Republicans.

Update 3:

The Tall Man: Out of the Justices, 4 are Conservative, 4 are Liberal, and 1 is a right-leaning moderate.

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    Why should they be mad? The Republicans had been touting the individual mandate as a key component to health care reform since the mid-1990's. Sure, they flip-flopped and demonized it as unconstitutional as soon as the Obama administration used it in health care reform, but with a presidential nominee like Mitt Romney, do you think they care that much about flip-flopping?

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    Theres going to be a lot of cussing here. But there is hard work ahead trying to make this work.

    The House still wants to cut it out piece by piece.

    Chief Justice Roberts was the deciding factor, put on by Bush, considered a consevative.

    He worked honestly, and gave a reasoned opinion.

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    9 years ago


    Cons Smashed!

  • I am sad for the Country. It is a bad day for America and the SCOTUS has made the biggest mistake since Roe v Wade. But, I will continue to fight and pray and we will win in Nov. If anything, this hurts Obama because most Americans do not like this and Romney will hammer that home, America lost today

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    Victory for the White House? Every poll i've seen, including CNN And NBC, has an overwhelming percent of americans that oppose this bill. I guess we will see in November....

    Source(s): U Mad? My kid says that when he plays the xbox. It also says alot about you.
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    Love it!

  • Anonymous
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    Of course he won. He packed the Supreme Court with liberals.

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    Nope. ObamaCare is going to collapse on its own. That was the intent.

    -Dr. Knowitall

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    The mandate as it was intended was NOT upheld. It is being referred to as a "tax" now. And I'll bet you don't even know what that means...

    You hateful LIBS just love dem taxes now don't you?

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