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At the patry,Cinderella left a peach,the girl in the red dress with the lorey eyes and the pefet face.He danced with her. When Cinderella left peach casliean mlidnight, nt left a sandal.跟住唔識作

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    At the party called "Peach Casliean Mlidnight" , Cinderella left a peach there,she is a girl in the red dress with the most beautiful eyes and the perfect face. A prince came and danced with her. When Cinderella left the party at midnight, she left one of her sandal behind.

    She went back to the party, then realise she thought someone stole her sandal. She went home crying.

    "I will find that sandal, even to sacrifice my life on it " she said with angry voice.

    She go to her secret cabin, grab some machine guns and start making calls to her friends the 3 little pig.

    She start to call the first pig, but the first pig was too busy because partying with his new girlfriend.

    she start to call the second pig, but the second pig was too busy playing computer games.

    She now feels sad and feels no hope around her, she is making the final call to ring the third pig.

    "Hi, is this third pig?" Cinderella asked.

    "No, he died from heart attack remember? " third pig's mum replied.

    Cinderella closed the phone and cried. "would ask that pig to be her boyfriend if that pig was alive." In Cinderella's thought.

    So She went back to the party on her own, to get the other bit of her sandal.

    She went back angrily, pulled out her machine and killed everyone that was at the party.

    She search up the place and it was right at the corner of the table.

    After that Cinderella got caught by the police and she was sentenced life in prison...


    在名为 “桃花Casliean Mlidnight” 的聯歡會,灰姑娘留下一个桃子,她是最美丽的大眼睛和完美的脸在红裙子的女孩。王子来了,与她共舞。当灰姑娘在午夜离开了党,她离开了她的凉鞋后面。




    她开始打电话的第一个猪,但第一猪太忙了, 因為是他的新女友的聚会。





    灰姑娘关闭手机,哭了起来。 “会问猪是她的男朋友,如果猪还活着。”在灰姑娘的思想。






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