can i become a graphic designer with a studio art degree?

I got accepted at SFSU in studio art program, but they dont offer a graphic design degree. Can i still get a job as a graphic designer??

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  • Sabi
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    8 years ago
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    I think you can but it will sort of hard. you have to take some graphic cdesign lasses.maybe at a community college like in the summer/spring.As long as you learn the programs and can present

    an impressive portfolio you will get hired.

    I'm in a similar position but I already have an associate in graphic design

    and I was thinking of doing a BA in Studio.I plan to take advanced design classes.

    If you really want to do should find a different school.even if it means waiting a next semester or taking off a year.I hope you double major

    with the Art because an Art degree alone won't support you financially.You can pair it

    with a major like business, or advertising,marketing etc whatever interest you good luck

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm a professional graphic designer with no degree. You just have to be dedicated and good at what you do. Practice your art and get good at it and it won't matter what you take, although courses are good... Try Way cheaper.

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