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Best Caribbean Island?

I'm planning on going on vacation and I wanted to go to a Caribbean island. I want one with a nice beach and clear waters but also tourist attractions such as restaurants or a small town with some shops near by. Any ideas?

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    We've been to 14 Caribbean islands so far. Here's a list of top three choices in descending order.

    All three have restaurants nearby, shops within a reasonable distance and "the best fine dining in the world". All three actually have, in our humble opinion, the top beaches in the world. The first one is expensive to fly to and expensive to stay near, but the best by far is Grand Cayman. Specifcally about 2 miles north of the capital, George Town, is reputed to be "the best beach in the world" - Seven-Mile Beach. Not onlly does it have 16 major hotel chains alng the 7 miles (they are off the beach not ON the beach, but it has plenty of hotels whic permit non-guests to eat lunch on their premises and fine dining in the Ritz Carlton or The Westin hotel on in town a mere $8. cab ride away. The tours are many including swim with the dolphons, swim with the turtles and swim with the sting rays. Lots to do - a pure white sand beach with no mean salesmen bugging to sell you things on the beach and... there is no crime on the island. Second choice, Warwick Parish, Bermuda. Been there 34 times. Stay near The Reefs Hotel or the Elbow Beach Hotel or the Pompano Beach Hotel. They have a dine-sround option. You can discover some pink-sand unoocupied punlic beaches nearby. Fine ding as well in sowntown Hamilton. Lots of tour options and shopping in Bermuda. NO CRIMe afecting tourists in Bermuda. One year when we were there the front page of the local Hamilton paper explained in the "crime section" that some thieves had broken into a home and stolen some bottles of liquor. That was the front page big crime story! Very British! 3rd choice - St. Lucia. Head to Reduit beach about 20 miles from the capital of Castries. Stay at either the Royal St. Lucian or the St. Lucian right on Reduit Beach. Now, when I say ON the beach - this is literal. You can actually book a room where, after sliding open your bedroom doors, you little are walking on the beach! You can eat at any of the 3 restaurants in the two hotels or the "Lime Restaurant?" across the street or the Green Parrot at the top of the hill n Castries. Lots of tours. You can sail on a tall-masted replica sail boat to Morgan Bay for snorkeling etc. etc. golf, tour the rain forest or the Sulfur pools. Been there 3 times. A quiet curved beach with snorkeling for free right off the black rocks off the point on the far left. There is no crime around the hotel. You have to be a little cautious when walking around the downtown markets Re: possible thefts etc. but it is manageable. There is no crime within the gated cruise ship dock area of Castries. All 3 have crystal clear beaches with hundreds of colored fish to see (if you dip down with your snorkel mask on) especially if you feed them crackers.

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    Playa Del Carmen- Mexico


    Ocho Rios-Jamaica

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