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I'm looking for a book?

I've been looking for this book for ages. I've read it before, but I can't remember the name. This is what I know about the book (if you know the name, please help me);

-the main charachter is a boy

-the poeple of the town he lives in find a new (red?) berry bush (in the mountain?)

-the people bring it to the town

-the boy is alergic to the bush, has to have a medicine with the yellow flowers on the hill in it

-there is a line in a poem/riddle in it that goes "golden armour cast aside"

-where the red berry bushes were planted the ground goes rock hard

-the people that were working near the bushes become unconcious (or was it because they were eating the berries?)

-there is a rumour of a rich town (made of gold?) on the other side of the hill

-the boy goes, travels past evil trees (turns out later that they are a more mature stage of the bush)

-I think he goes with other people/kids?

-they discover that the place they are looking for was taken over by the bush/trees (trees trie to kill you...)

-they discovered a golden (owl?) that led o the discovery of the fact that the other town was where they were standing

-later they discover the yellow flowers are the golden armour, that is why the boy had been immune

I can't remember anything else, if you have heard of the book, please help.

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    Rowan and the Time Travellers/The Rowan of Rin series by Emily Rodda

    "In Rowan and the Travellers, he again proves his worth when the village falls to the silent, deadly power of the Mountain berries, a new fruit brought down from the Mountain by one of Rowan's original companions, Allun the baker.The berries are in fact the infantile forms of a vicious, carnivorous tree that grows beneath it; in their arrogance, the villagers weed out the natural slip-daisies to make room for the Mountain berries. The Mountain berry juice lulls them into a deep sleep, all except for Rowan, who - due to his hay fever - drinks a potion made of slip-daisy roots. Rowan's sickness, previously causing others to pity and dislike him, led to his being able to destroy the Mountain berries and prevent Rin from suffering the same fate as the Valley of Gold, a beautiful settlement overrun by the Mountain-berries and destroyed by their adult forms."

    "The same mistakes, the same old pride

    The priceless armor cast aside"

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