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Marine Corps reserves college credits to be PFC out of boot camp?

Hey i have 9 college credits, if i take some online classes, or online tests like

CLep/Dantes will i get the 15 credits to graduate as a PFC, going into the Reserves

Please any help is appriciated

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    Dear Paul, in short YES!

    Based on your question about the 15 credits I assume you want it to by-pass the GED issue.

    Here's a good blog that talks about Can I Join the Military with a GED & CLEP? ->

    Now if you're just doing it for advanced enlistment rank then you know you only need 12 college credits, and NOT 15 right? Here's a good article that talks about Can I Get Advanced Enlistment Rank for College Credits? ->

    Now the question of whether CLEP credits count towards military enlistment has been rehashed many times over the years on various forums. And there is no consensus, so most of it is personal opinion. Even if you ask several recruiters you’re going to get various answers, so this is also based on personal opinion.

    But read the above blog post and it will take you how to deal with your recruiter/the MEPS people on the issue of online classes or CLEP/DSST. In short, the only requirement is you have a valid college transcript from an accredited college or university with all 12/15 credits.

    So I say go for the CLEP and go in at an E-2/PFC.

    Good Luck!


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you have a college transcript that proves you have 15 college credits then you'll be contract PFC. Not sure if CLEP courses are counted though.

    Source(s): US Marine Recruiter
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  • 8 years ago

    i talked to my recruiter today and he said anything over 100 will count towards

    Source(s): Enlisting tomorrow
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