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I'm trying to get a bikini body by 2 weeks?

***IM TRYING TO GET A BIKINI BODY IN 2 WEEKS! i have a little excess thigh fat and stomach fat!***

Hi! I'm a 13 yr old girl who wants to tone down a little bit and get a tinier stomach. I weigh 108 lbs and I'm 62 inches. I want to do at least an hour of exercises every day.

I usually on a typical day do 3 of these things:

play basketball (30 min)

play soccer(1 hr)

walk dogs(30 min)

jog(30 min)

bike ride(30 min)

pool(2 hr)

Also could you help me with at-home exercises to do and healthy food choices or swaps for:






*i love to cook!* Thank you so much anything is appreciated

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    Don't try the short time diet Amanda suggested, you are young and that type of eating can hurt your body. Be careful.

    If you want healthy alternative to bread and pasta, just get multigrain, all natural low-cal bread.

    As well, try making half a sandwich and eating it slowly, so you don't overeat.

    Ditch packaged foods, especially chips. No junk food, and junk food includes anything fried, has a ton of butter or sugar, or high fructose corn syrup.

    If you love to cook, try making an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe, but substituting some of the butter+sugar for other things(look up substitutes on line) Add extra raisins instead of choc chips, and maybe add some extras such as chopped walnuts and flaxseed.

    Make sure you get plenty of protein(yogurt, fish, nuts, cheese, chicken). Protein helps you build muscle!!!!!

    In terms of toning up fast, try Pop pilates. You can find it on Youtube and I swear it, it will transform you body if you keep it up. There are a bunch for about every body area/muscle in your body, so you can target an area(say, abs)

    Good luck <3


    PS, Here's a link to the Pop pilates video for inner thigh, calves, etc. Its AH-MAZING!!!! STICK WITH IT!!!! It will feel hard at first, but if you do it every day, you should feel better.

    Youtube thumbnail

    and one for the good old abs:

    Youtube thumbnail

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    5 years ago

    Hey :) in two weeks you won't be able to loose much weight but if you're feeling a little concious eat healthy for the two weeks and do exercise that will help to tone your body. the best way to get rid of unsightly hair is, as you've said, waxing. it's best to go to a salon and get it done professionally. this way you won't have any missed spots..! and don't worry, they are very professional and will make you feel at ease. make sure you wax at least a day or two before then event as sometimes it can go a little red. hope this helps and have a great time at the beach party!

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