How do you destroy nuclear weapons?

Where do governments keep their nuclear weapons? How exactly do you destroy them? Is the process safe? If not, why, what are the risks? Does it take a long time to destroy them? Is it expensive?

I know there are a lot of questions, but if you know the answer to any of them, please answer. I need to know this for tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Nuclear weapons are either loaded onto missiles that are "locked and loaded" and ready to go, like the ones on Trident missile subs, or they are stored in deep dark guarded bunkers, ready to be loaded if ever needed. Where are these bunkers?

    If I told you, we would both be toast.

    Destroying nuclear weapons is quite expensive. First they have to be moved from those secret bunkers to the Pantex Plant, where they can be disassembled. After all, the Pantex plant, built them, so they are about the only one's qulified to take them apart.

    The explosives, detonators and safeguards are all removed, followed by the removal of the "nuclear material"

    The plutonium is then turned into a form that you can't use for a bomb, and stored.

    No one does ANYTHING in a hurry there. (Gee, I wonder why?)

    So yes it takes quite a bit of time, and yes it is expensive.

    But given what could happen if someone said "ooopsy"

    I'm not complaining

  • Steve
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    8 years ago

    Nuclear weapons are kept in the missile silos. Bombs are kept in secure and hardened bunkers.

    Destruction is done by removing the detonator and the nuclear material. Then the missile body or bomb casing is destroyed mechanically (crushed, shredded, smashed etc...)

    It is quite safe. Nuclear weapons are probably safer than conventional explosives since there are many parts to them. Remove any one of those parts and the weapon can't function. Of course, there is the nuclear material to worry about, but they have protective suits for that.

    IT does take time to dismantle nuclear weapons. The process can be done only by specially trained individuals. I understand it's very methodical and slow going. It may take several years to destroy 1,000 missiles, but I'm really not clear on the length of the process.

    Yes it is costly, but you "recover" the costs by what you are NOT spending on weapons upkeep.

  • joto
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    4 years ago

    whether it rather is a possibility to wreck smallpox, it rather is a possibility to wreck nuclear weapons. Smallpox is a virulent disease although. Its removal is interior the geographical regions of modern technology and international be sure. they are tangible. all of us be attentive to what a virulent disease sounds like below a microscope and we've interior nature, certainly interior our very own bodies, the flexibility to create antibodies to defeat it. the venture with nuclear weapons is that it rather is awareness, no longer a species of microbe, that we are taking on. To do away with nuclear weapons for good, we would desire to do away with all information of the thank you to make the flaws, the scientific theories that should, with an clever concepts in a certainly geared up laboratory, make weapons afresh, and wipe the memories of all those at the instant alive who very own this documents and consign it to fable. Can that's carried out? The e book of Genesis, while describing this very state of affairs utilising an apple, a snake, a guy and a girl, did no longer think of so. Even those international locations at the instant armed with nuclear weapons are actually not stable. Israel on no account even signed the Non Proliferation Treaty. Pakistan has them, and that they may well be over-run via jihadist zealots at any 2d. North Korea has them, God help us all. I recommend, could you have faith youthful Kim Yung Un to willingly wreck those he has below his command? And lest we get all extra suitable concerning to the rogue international locations, we ought to constantly on no account ignore that between the main civilised and democratic international locations in the international that possesses nuclear weapons, the u . s . a ., has already destroyed 2 cities with them. They did so with the final of intentions (that act spared Japan from struggling with on till all its civilians have been killed in conflict), yet what do they say concerning to the line to hell?... the final thank you to wreck them is to apply the fissile textile in Thorium-based nuclear ability stations, which generate a good number of capability whilst ingesting plutonium and reducing it to relatively benign waste. interior the tip, economics and the cost of oil might stress that on us.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In all truth you can only deactivate the detonation device but the material stays pretty lethal for about 10,000 years. Human stupidity runs deep within the last 3 or 4 generations.

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