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How do you add the pronouns y, lui and leur in these sentences? Please Hurry!?

1. Il sont allés (à Dakar en voyage d'affaires.)

2. Il est important d'obéir (aux lois)

3. J'ai téléphoné (à mon cousin.)

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    Ils y sont allés.

    Il est important de leur obéir.

    Je lui ai téléphoné.

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  • 8 years ago

    1. Il y sont allés.

    A good rule of thumb with "y," is that it always attaches itself to the subject "J'y vais," for example -- Unless, there's an infinitive used in the sentence. In that case, it attaches itself to the infinitive:

    "Je vais y aller."

    2. Il est important de leur obéir.

    "leur," is the indirect object and replaces "lois," because in conversation, the context will be clear that "leur" is referring to the "lois."

    3. Je lui ai téléphoné

    In French, you "telephone to" someone. This is why it's indirect.

    Hope this helps! :-)

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