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Amusement park makeup, hair, clothes ect.?

I'm going to an amusement park with my family next month and I'm wondering what I should wear, how to do my hair ect.

I never wear makeup though so I don't know why I put that. Should I just wash my face, moisturise and then put on sunscreen?

I have medium short hair, brunette and I'm 13

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    I just went to an amusement park (Canada's Wonderland) yesterday! i can tell you what I wore/mistakes I did/what I can help you with!

    Okay, I started off wearing my hair down, and it was super windy, so I just put it up in a bun after my first roller coaster. But, I do not recommend doing a bun. It will just keep falling out/getting messed up on each ride you go on. So, honestly, I would recommend a tight side fishtail braid, leaving down your natural hair, or putting all of your hair up in a big butterfly clip. I saw many girls at the park with those hairstyles. It all depends on if your hair is thin or thick. If it's thick, I'd say leave it down. If it's thin, do the butterfly clip, etc! Like this except not as neat haha. :)

    For your clothes, DO NOT wear a loose cropped shirt or loose clothes in general. Oh god, I worse a loose cropped shirt and it was just bad haha! It was super windy, and on roller coasters i had to hold it down, oh dear god it was not enjoyable! Wear a cute, fitted, patterned tank top and some high wasted light wash shorts. :) those are in style, tons of girls were wearing them yesterday! High wasted shorts are definitely in style! As for shoes, cute Toms or braided buckle-like flip flops would be cute. Like those.

    For your face, yes, just wash and exfoliate your face with a good scrub, and find a moisturizer with a high SPF in it. If you do want makeup though, I suggest Maybelline's full n' soft mascara since there will probably be water rides or a water park in the amusement park. Also, don't forget to bring SPF lip balm too! :)

    Have fun :)


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    Well its only an amusement park so i wouldnt go all out. If it hot then i suggest a side braid to keep cool but it probably will be messed up do to the wind when riding rollercoasters & such so its up to. Yeah just moisturize & use sunscreen & for clothes, wear comfortable shoes like TOMS, sneakers, or flipflops, jean shorts & a tshirt or tanktop.

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    Easy (: Try some simple jean shorts , some tennis shoes , and a simple t-shirt (: Maybe wear your hair in a ponytail (:

    Source(s): Something I would wear :D
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    It's just your family! So no need to impress them with your makeup, they've all seen you at your worst! (:

    Wear something comfortable, and closed toe shoes! I would say, a hoodie, shorts, and converse. (:

    Hope I helped!



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