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I Hate Airplanes Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Im going on vacation this summer to Hawaii with my family and friends and i just found out that it would be like a 6 hour flight and right now im like legit terrified because i fricken hate airplanes and the fact that my mom loves traveling makes it worst :'( omg help how can i get over my fear of airplanes, somebody please help me and btw where going in like 2 weeks :'(

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    Airplanes were in fact BUILT for safety. Each and every airplane that is currently in uses has been through hundreds of safety, mechanical, and security checks before it has been even flown.

    My grandfather was a pilot and my dad also knows how to fly and I can assure you that pilots have experience on experience, flying airplanes and flying them safely is what they DO for a living. The best way to feel safe is to forget of the source of your fear, take a deep breath, relax in those comfortable seats. Also, remember that everything - the bumpy takeoff, landing, turbulence - is all routine, everything is routine and pilot will always warn you when you are about to run into turbulence, so that you know that this is nothing dangerous, and they warn you to fasten your seat-belts, for your safety. Everything is better when you relax forget to live in fear but live in relaxation. You might even be lucky enough to have one of the newer planes with satellite touchscreen T-Vs on the back of the headrests in front of you. Those things offer all of the best channels live and on flight and equipped on every seat.

    I usually listen to music, watch a movie on my laptop or a portable DVD player, read a book, nothing but relax and sleep. Nothing to worry about.

    Good luck and remember there is nothing to fear when safety is a pilot's first priority.

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    Calm down. When you're on the plain, get your mind off of the fact that you're in a plane. Listen to music, watch a movie, read a good book/magazine, etc. Take some medication to help you go to sleep. I always use niquel. It's for cough and cold but if I'm having trouble going to sleep, it knocks you right out.

    The key thing is to get your mind off the fact that you're in a plane.

    Good luck!

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    I'm going to Hawaii in 2 weeks also and its an 8 hour flight, totally dreading it...I hate to fly too!

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    My first plane ride was scary for about 30 seconds it really just stops being scary I promise

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    So, you're qqing over teh fact that you get to go to Hawaii?? Man up.

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    how old are u? is it fear of flying or discomfort and frustration? this information needed for me to answer.

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    calmers tablets if your older enough to take them but theres nothing to be scared off trust me or just keep yourself occupied.... good luck

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