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Quick, Easy, Healthy food recipes.?

Im 17 years old and i want to loose some weight and make some changes to my over all lifestyle. Does anyone know of any healthy food recipes that are easy to make? Some thing that still tastes good, doesn't take hours to make, and that doesn't require numerous ingredients... Any store bought frozen meals, or snack ideas that are healthy choices would be great to know as well. Thanks!

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    What is a healthy choice besides... healthy choice meals, they're in the freezer section at the store and they're super cheap some of them.

    I like the chicken alfredo and the ginger chicken, also all the steamers.

    I've heard good things about Amy's as well.

    As for legit food, here's a few quick healthy snack recipes:

    (well, pretty healthy. Not all of them are diet food exactly, but a single pudding cup isn't gonna kill you, plus it's got pretty basic ingredients.)

    -Cut up a large apple finely, sprinkle on cinnamon, microwave for 1-2 minutes. Just like apple pie filling!

    -Cut up a cucumber and put some Splenda or Truvia over the slices

    -Make sf/ff jello and add in fruit of your choice, read label to see what will let it set though!

    As for not really recipes, have fruits and veggies, choose whole grains, eat lean cuts of meat and skim milk. Also, for some great healthy recipes try undressed skeleton!

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    I like the Weight Control oatmeal with dried fruit in it. Its instant and sticks to your ribs. Morning star also makes veggie breafast sausage that you can throw in the microwave. There are also sweet potato pancakes, I forget who makes them, but they are microwaveable as well and absolutly delicious! I try to eat small easy meals through out the day so I dont get sick like you were saying. I will usually eat a bar like an odwalla bar for breakfast. Then once I get to work I will eat an apple or some oatmeal with some yougart. Try things that are high in protien like nuts or cottage cheese (if you arent a vegan) Drink lots of water, it helps you feel more full.

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