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Samantha asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 8 years ago

Blindening Workouts What to do?

Today is my first day at Gym. I have done like a 100 Shoulder presses or whatever it is called and leg calves. It was fine while doing it. As soon as i stepped out, I felt becoming blind (The feeling of sight when we constantly look directly at the soon) Dim eye sight. I thought i was going to pass out or something like that. After that i took some rest and in 10 mins i was alright and continued my dumbell workouts

What might have been the reason for this? Something like Asthma, In addition I also get high fever when i play with snow at high altitudes.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sounds like low blood sugar to me..... i had really low blood sugar once and i had temporary vision problems as a result (with me, everything went dim and turned black and white: i lost my color vision!! I also felt really weak and nearly passed out. This was after a long swim in very cold water where i almost didnt make it back to the shore because of high winds and waves.). For very intense workouts, something like G2 or a "sports drink" is useful to help keep you hydrated and give you a bit of sugar so you can keep on going longer.

    That said, there is NO good reason to do 100 of any exercises. The "super set" theory has been disproven: its not a good way to exercise at all. Here are some exercising tips i wrote for another question:

    The best way to make good gains is to

    1) Do intense exercise sessions only 3 times a week. You have to give your muscles time to recover properly between sessions, or they will become over-worked and start hurting, and your results will be poor overall.

    2) STRETCH properly at 4 times: 1) after a warm-up, before your full-out exercise session, 2) right after your session, 3) gently, before going to bed, and 4) whenever your muscles feel tight. Relaxed muscles recover faster, don't hurt nearly as much as they would if tight, and don't get injured as easily as tight muscles do. Have someone show you the proper stretching exercises for legs - a gym teacher or a coach: someone who knows how to do it properly. Always remember 3 things when stretching, however: 1) Slow and easy does it - don't force anything. 2) Stretching should NOT hurt. If it hurts, back off a bit. and 3) Hold the maximum pain-free extension for at least 30 seconds: any less and you are not getting much benefit from the stretch. // Repeat each stretch a couple of times.

    3) Use an "interval training" method in addition to your weight-bearing exercises. Here is how this is done:…

    4) For the weight-bearing exercises, for strength use a high weight and do 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps each - make sure you go to "failure" each time, but also make sure you do each rep with excellent form: poor form is a recipe for injury and poor gains!! For bulk, use longer sets and less weight.

    5) Get enough sleep!!! When you are sleeping, your body produces "growth hormone", which is necessary for muscle growth and recovery. If you don't get enough sleep, your recovery times will be longer and less complete.

    6) Drink enough water!! Forget formulas like "8 cups a day" or any such nonsense: the best way to tell if you are getting enough water, is the color of your pee: it should be quite pale. If it is yellow, you are not drinking enough - case closed. (if it is red, you've been eating beets, lol!). Water is very important for both energy during exercise, and for recovery.

    7) Eat a good, nutritious diet - scrap the junk food, stay away from stuff with white flour or sugar in it, eat lots of fruits and especially veggies (dark green veggies are dyno - mite!!), get good variety in your diet, and aim for about 1,5 to at the most 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

    I may be missing some details, but those are the basics!! All the Best to you.


    Study and application for many years.

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