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Do you this is homophobia too (in the television) ?

When you see a gay character who is only used as a comic character and flamboyantly trying to flirt with guys . One lady in TV episode spelled gay as G .. A ...Y ( as if using the word 'gay' is demeaning)

On the other hand heterosexuality is shown in full fledge but homosexuality is used only for comic relief

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    IK!! it is so annoying!! and why is gay the new term for girly?? thats not what it means!! there are gay men in the world that if you met them you would have NO clue they were gay!!!!! and sometimes "gay" is even used in the place of stupid!! I HATE IT!!! and then what about kids shows!?!?! they always have cartoons where there is a guy liking a girl or the other way round' BUT NEVER!!! is there a homosexual child with a crush!! is there something wrong with little gay kids?? NO!! they are being sent bad messages!! thats one of the reasons some homosexual people grow up thinking they are straight until they are with a member of the same sex AND THEN!! they are shocked and scared and confused and all sorts of stuff!! if it was in the cartoons and stuff that homosexuality is ok!! maybe there would be more children that were able to identify there sexuality!! and other straight kids might learn not to use "gay" as girly!!!! ill tell you one thing there would be a lot less bi-curious kids and a LOT less closeted people!!

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  • 8 years ago

    More like stereotyping than full fledged homophobia, but it's definitely something that television should be ashamed of.

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