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My life feels completely worthless?

I feel so depressed and worthless the whole time. I'm severely cyberbullied by girls who I know in person, bur I can't do anything because they don't go to my school, I'm constantly being told that I'm "ugly" and "weird" by my mom, my dad ignores me; and I'm failing at school. I feel as if my life has no positive aspects and is useless. How can I make things better?

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    Just forget about all those who are making you feel down, even if the girls who bully you don't go to the same school as you, it shouldn't mean that you can't report them to anyone. Anybody who bullies people should be reported to. Try to ignore all those negative comments by your mom, I'm sure hse doesn't really mean those. Don't take it to heart. I'm sure your life does have at least some good things about them, just think. There might not be anything positive right now, but maybe in the future if you just keep thriving and working hard. You never know if anytime soon you might be meeting someone you will love, or find a hobby you enjoy, or see parts of the world that will amaze you. Just keep working hard, and don't let anybody let you down. Focus hard in school, even if you don't get such a good grade, try at least. Pick yourself up and prove everyone wrong.

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    I'm a schizophrenic and have suffered from horrible hallucinations the past 4 years. I lost all my friends and almost everything I cared about. I've survived, and things are getting better. Highschool is really hard, you will get through it! I promise! Maybe find a spiritual path, I'm very into the occult and new age ideas. Spirituality has helped me a whole lot. Just have faith, things work out eventually. Your not ugly or worthless! Just be strong! Every man and woman is a star! We all are divine forms of conciousness, we just have to realize this. Then we must act like we are and embody this divinity. You are special, people who are tested in life by pain are the ones who will soar the highest if they just hold on. Keep your head up!

    Source(s): The mind of God, prestented in the form of a large backpack full of fortune cookies that were written in coptic script. They were all opened, eaten and then arranged using a sacred activity book of madlibs, that I stole from the Pope.
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    Drive all your focus towards your education and ignore the people that bring you down. Who are they to say anything mean about you? They are the ones with the true issues, because happy people always treat people with kindness. I'm sorry for all that, but remember : Those that mind, don't matter and those that matter, don't mind. Don't fail school, drive yourself to success, so when they think that they are bringing you down, your moving up. Talk to your guidance counsellor, they are really helpful, and stress your issues to them and why school has been out of your focus. They will help you, put trust in your community leaders.

    You are not worthless and everything that's bad going on now is going to make you stronger.

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    Firstly. You dont have to think negative. Your description part makes me ponder.. You don't love yourself. So here am I. Once i was in your shoes. I overcame it. And trust it, it isn't hard. U just need to get up in the morning and face the mirror. Everyday, remind yourself. You're beautiful. They call u weird? Why? May be cuz you think different? Even albert einstein was tagged 'weird' by the world in his early teens. Cuz he thought different. Make you own move. Don't change for the world, change if it's going to work as a catalyst in your personality grooming. U must have a special talent. People don't find it special. So? You will u leave it for those flock of birds who's mentallity resemble each other. You need a kick start. Go out. Make things work according to you. If they call you ugly. Answer it not by words, but by your deeds. Involve yourself to amazing things... Do what you like... Your mom worries for you. And may be this causes her to be harsh on you. Dont take her negatively. I have implied these things in my life. Have not failed.. I pass it to you.. Imply them in your life. Love yourself.. Go out.. Help people.. Start a new life... Last but not least. You and only you can change people's point of view about you. Good luck hun :) xx

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  • firstly, you shouldn't take to heart what any bully says, especially a "cyber" bully. If they're not in your daily lives, then block them! you don't have to deal with useless haters because there are always going to be people who like and dislike you... You gotta cut off the one's that don't like you. About your mom, that's really unfortunate. No mother should be telling their kid that they're ugly or weird (in a negative way). Maybe you took it out of context, you should elaborate your feelings to her, I'm sure she loves you and cut it out, if you're having family problems maybe you should try telling them how you feel or attempt to be with them as their child. Perhaps they're not being great parents, but they still love you unconditionally. Lastly, about school, you're probably failing because your mind is caught up in other "priorities" like friends, family, appearance. Anyways, you should just try to get your grades up and join extra classes/clubs. It'll get your school credits up and you may meet people who like you for who you are. Do you have any good friends? You just need to surround yourself with positive energy because it seems like you are lacking that in life. Life is completely worth it, you just have to find the people and things that make it worth it.

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    Change all your Internet profiles and web addresses , do they can't find you,

    Or don't go on compute r at all then they can't bully you.

    It's obvious isn't it,

    Make sure if you do go on you are not traceable . And your problem will be solved. If they have your cell phone number buy a new sim.

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    In the field of tension in your own world of witness, of presence, of encounter, of (prudent) accessibility for better inclusion and cohesion, you may try and have more and better dialogue with your own worries from a point of more force, from a plan of good balance about your presence and your acceptance in the world where you live.

    In a good balance between your worries, fears, depression and your perspicacity, you might end up glowingly feeling intangible. In your necessary interactions with others within family, perhaps with a sweet-heart, with colleague, with superior, with friend and or with good stranger against difficulties, facing challenges, against foe, against unfair rival, against impostor or detractor or dirty pervert, you want to be the good actor, you are the good actor, you are the braver co-pilot of your own life, the fiercer hardy more daring higher flying co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny.

    In whatever you are doing and loving to do or dreaming to do or are supposed to do (must do) for hopefully a better survival, you are more diligently co-working at building up, or more passionately adding up to, some great events and some good perhaps wonderful memories for a future; wonderful memories for your own future! No matter how young you are, you will try and adopt more the cunning style of the proverbial astute good old fox for hopefully your better survival.

    Dear good friend of ours within the wider bounds of this great cyberspace, thus also you might try and do. Thus and more confidently you will be preparing for a good education, for a better life, for a better career. Thus sooner or later you may end up eating much of delicious cherries in the more safe company of powerful big shots.

    Do also all the while be seeking for more chances of lots great merry more sun-kissed thoughtless laughs in loving company or oftentimes more sublimely all on your own. Good luck!

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    Keep going through life and stay strong! If your life isnt great now, I swear on my life that something will happen that will make you feel so glad you stayed strong. It may be a couple years but trust me god has a plan for everyone!(:

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    Step 1: Get xbox live to occupy your time.

    Step 2: Stop giving a f#ck what other people think.

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    Hi Paige,

    Please print your question and take it to the doctor for

    an opinion and treatment if necessary ?

    Best Wishes.

    Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Near Yours..



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