What's the 2nd End Credit song in "The Hangover Part II?

It's the song right after Flo Rida Feat Pitbull "Turn Around"? It an Instrumental with drums and has a mellow beat. I tried to Shazam it but no luck at all. I REALLY WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT. Can anyone help me?

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  • steve
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    9 years ago
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    I haven't seen the movie, but I imagine it is original music by Christophe Beck.

    This page details all of the songs within the film --


    Unfortunately, it doesn't include the song you're after.

    I think I found it: it's called 'Theme from The Hangover Part II'

    You can hear it here, but I don't think it's currently available on any collection.


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The Hangover Part II (2011) Sountrack list... copy past the songs on beemp3... u may get :) 1. Black Hell - Danzig 2. Stronger - Kanye West 3. The Downeaster "Alexa" - Billy Joel 4. The Beastin Me - MarkLanegan 5. Sofi Needs A Ladder - Deadmau5 6. Allentown - Ed Helms 7. Pusher Man - Curtis Mayfield 8. Love Train - Wolfmother 9. IRan - SkaRangers 10. One Night In Bangkok - Mike Tyson 11. Just The Way YouAre - Ska Rangers 12. Bad Man's World - Jenny Lewis

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