English help plzzz !?

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Finish "translating" the prologue to Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare's poetry to your prose. Use the dictionary as necessary. Two households, both alike in dignity, ...show more
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Two families, both of the same social standing,

Live in Verona (which is where this play is set)

The families have hated each other for a very long time (ancient grudge), but we're about to see someone go against the feud

The grudge between the families has now involved everyone and innocent blood has been spilled

The offspring of these two enemies were destined to fall in love and kill themselves because of it

Whose doomed and futile attempts to go against their families

Ends with their deaths, which actually brings brings the feud to an end

The dangerous journey of their doomed love,

The ongoing anger of their parents,

Which only their child's death could end, Is now the subject of our two hour play;

If you pay attention and listen carefully,

And the questions you have will be answered.

Hope this helps :)


MY BRAIN!!! :)
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  • Kit answered 2 years ago
    Prose:the ordinary form of spoken or written language. You should have used the dictionary for that word. Put this into your own words / words used today that's all you have to do.
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