How do I get a felony charge expunged in CT?

Five years ago I was convicted of felony larceny, part of the deal was I had to pay restitution if the company asked for it, they did not. I was told by my probation officer that I would likely be able to get the charge expunged after 5 years and that it was more likely since the company did not ask for restitution. How would I go about getting the charge expunged? Would I just go to the court or is there another way?

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    The time varies per state, their laws, the charge, and particulars. Often it is only 2 years; it can be implied to be after probation, open ended.

    Try the local superior court law library for forms, you can do it yourself. Some can be done online.

    However, if you don't want to wait two More years or risk it "falling through cracks" as happened to me, lawyers are better at knowing the legal hoops to jump thru and moe experienced in how to write glowing writs whereas you and I don't:

    REF: Filed for sealing/set aside/relief from (economic) disabilities/rights restoration, etc, two years ago. Finally hired lawyer. My probation terms Said "Eligible after probation"; which was 2 months. Law says "two years" I may have them there as it was a court document they signed, also.

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    It feels like the incident got here approximately once you have been a minor so it won't take place in employment heritage tests. no rely if it fairly is there you are able to petition your governor to have it got rid of. you additionally can ask the courts for a replica of your checklist or get an criminal expert or inner maximum investigator to get it for you. besides the incontrovertible fact that, back, if the incident got here approximately once you have been a minor it could no longer take place on a checklist the two would desire to get for you.

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