God is more a subject of Emotions... or of Logics ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Logic involves analysis which is preceded by words which is preceded by thought, which is accumulation and collation of a variety of inputs received again a by-product of thought, word and/or action.

    The totality of Divinity, is indescribable in words, as it would be a negation of Divinity, by first principles, since words can not exist in a greater realm than God.

    That is why profound sayings of sages and seers as "anirvachaneeyam'; 'yato vaacho nivartante, apraapya manasaa saha'; ''indescribable by even the thousand tongued Adisesha" ; 'even if the entire space is paper and entire oceans turn into ink, God's descriprion can not be written' etc.

    The philosophy is based on the principle that the Paramaatmaa, Jeevaatmaa and Maayaa shakti are from times immemorial and intertwined. Rather than calling it as emotions one can state as 'bondage'.

    While scholars debate, the eyes of the masses are as clear as the snow. They breathe and spell Divine nomenclatures, by reflex action and not by rote. One can witness this unique bonded (welded/soldered?) relationship in temple towns like Tiruvannamalai or Chidambaram, even Srirangam or Pandharpur.

  • There are two Gods.

    1. The one everyone would like to believe in who is fair, loving, and perfect; who understands our deepest thoughts and wants to nurture us and support us forever. There is some logic to this god, as what we want him/her to be is the logical thing we could desire from a god. There is also emotion as the idea of this god can cause a real sense of ecstasy in people (though the emotion is coming from within like any transcendent feeling inspired by powerful stimulus, such as contemplating the success of a child or loved one; or the intensity of great art/music/drama/literature).

    2. The god that exists in religious texts. This god is not logical as none of the texts have anything like a coherent logic to them. However, the desire to try and make our preferred god, from category 1, into something real is a logical desire. The main emotion this god causes is fear as most of the religious texts describe fearful standards no human being can reach; though there are some positive and inspiring elements occasionally. I'm not sure any would be moving enough to create a sense of the sublime (such as reading Shakespeare, or listening to Mozart) if readers were not already imagining the god of category 1 in the role of this god.

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    I think on average it is a subject of emotions, the notion of a God helps to alleviate the fears of the unknown. Many use God's judgment as a punishment for things they find disgusting or against the norm of what they were taught. I think though that many do try to apply logic to God and from this we find philosophy.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I agree with Frou-frou....but I "feel"...I should add

    Humans are "organically".......creatures of emotion and not logic

    .....think of a small child...they react.....logic is learned...even forced behavior

    Faith and Love don't need a logical rationalization


    Source(s): Do you love your God ? Do you love my God ?
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  • 9 years ago

    usually any personal/religious god is emotions, any factual one would be logic

  • 9 years ago

    Emotion, by far...


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