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Baby name questionnaire :)?

Have fun! :)

1) What's your favorite uncommon name?

Mine: I like Jessen. It's a German boys' name that has never hit the top 1000, and I've never heard it in the baby name community.

2) What's an alternate spelling you prefer to the real spelling? (includes legitimate foreign spellings)

Mine: I prefer Catherine, the English spelling, to Katherine. The C looks much softer and more feminine. Also Hanna to Hannah because it's more clean-cut and easier to read.

3) What's a "unisex" name that looks all right on one gender, but awful on the other?

Mine: I hate the name Elliot on a girl. It's an English form of Elijah, which is purely masculine. It horrifies me that people would want to bestow this name on a girl just because it has the nickname potential for "Ellie." That's like saying Natalie is masculine because it has Nat as a nickname!

4) What really bugs you in the baby naming community? (other than people liking crazy, made-up, misspelled names -- in my last baby name questionnaire, almost EVERYONE put that!)

Mine: When people assume Jordan is a hijacked boy name. It started out as a given name in medieval times, when BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS baptized in the Jordan River were named Jordan. It's one of the rare few names that are truly unisex. Also, when people say there's no such thing as unisex, just masculine and feminine, that's it.

5) What's a name that you love, and would want to use, if only it weren't so popular?

Mine: Evelyn is a gorgeous, classic, timeless name, but it's so popular, and rising. For boys, I'd say Jacob. It's handsome, with a rich history and would look good on a job resume. But it was #1 in the state in the year I was born in, and there's at least one in every of my classes, so a baby Jacob wouldn't feel special or unique. Then again, I don't like unique "stand out" names.

6) What is a trendy name you just don't get?

Mine: I don't understand how Aubree (spelled like that) is appealing or popular at all. Also, Gabrielle/Gabriella is a gorgeous name, but Gabby sickens me.

7) What are your limits when it comes to "too popular", if you have any?

Mine: I stay out of the top 90, but I've been loosening up on name popularity. Who knows? Maybe one day I won't be fazed by popularity at all.

8) What's a name that you love, but everyone else seems to hate, and why do they hate it?

Mine: Girl, Maelys or Mehetabel; boy, Baylen or Eliel. People think they're made up, but they're not.

9) What is your all-time favorite name? (boy and girl)

Mine: Richard Hugh and Jennifer Paige.

6 stars and I'll do another one. If you have any suggestions for questions I could add to the next questionnaire, suggest them! :)


@Erin Katherine is the original Greek name, derived from kathos, meaning "pure." Old English did not have a K, so Catherine, the English form, came into being. I used to think that Katherine was a different spelling and Catherine was the original, so I don't blame you.

Update 2:

@Odella You have a very nice taste in names! :)

Update 3:

@LiveLoveLaugh Caelan and Kaylynn aren't really the same origin. Caelan is a Gaelic boys' name, while Kaylynn is a combination of Kay + Lynn. I know because there's a girl in my AP biology class named Kaylynn.

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    1) Ophelia... It's very beautiful in my opinion and perfectly uncommon, yet not made up.

    2) I prefer Catherine too!

    3) I agree I hate Elliott on a girl. I once asked what people thought about it on here, but was shocked to find people asking "for a girl or boy?" I didn't even know it was considered unisex! I hate Dylan and Logan for a girl. It's just dumb in my opinion.

    4) I hate when people try to justify really dumb, made up names by using the unique card, then go on to bash beautiful classics, like Catherine (or Katherine) because they are for "old people"

    5) I love the name Clare, but it is fairly popular. I think it's still usable because it's not THAT popular, but still. For boys I'd said Lucas, because it's beautiful.

    6) I don't understand the "bell tone names". That title was coined by my favourite baby name book. It consists of names like Jaycee, Kayden, Kaylee, Braeden, Keely... You get the idea

    7) I stay out of the top 50, but it depends on the name. I look at the stats and see my name (Elizabeth) was #11 in the year that I was born. I've met two Elizabeths in my life, both much older than me. When my parents named be that they were going for classic unique. I love my name.

    8) People hate Ophelia and Zara. They hate Zara because they say it sounds made up (it's not) and they hate Ophelia for different reasons, ranging from "it sounds old" to "it's stupid" They don't seem to hate any of my boy favourites.

    9) For boy my favourite is Elliott Heath. For girl I actually don't know. I have too many favourites. Probably Ophelia Jade, Zara Faye, Clare Eloise, Matilda Beth.

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    1. Caspian is my such an amazing name. It has never reached the top 1000 and is very handsome. It will remain on my guilty pleasure list because my husband hates it.

    2. I prefer Catherine to Katherine as well. The "K" just looks very harsh.

    3. Ryan. It means "Little King" and is very odd for a girl to be named Ryan.

    4. When people say that the name Blake is feminine because of Blake Lively.

    5. Jacob and Isobel. The name Isobel is such a beautiful and classy name and Jacob is just extremely handsome.

    6. Nevaeh. I don't see the appeal at all.

    7. I try to stay out of the top 50. My sons name wasn't even in the top 100(which I find to be pretty strange).

    8. Peyton and Avery for males. People think that they are girly.

    9. Sean Christopher and Evangeline Noelle.

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    1) For a boy, Murray, I haven't heard it used all that often, which is why I like it so much. For a girl, Alba! It reminds some people of Jessica Alba, but I like it because it means Scotland in Scottish Gaelic and sounds smooth on the tongue. :)

    2) Things like Elisabeth instead of Elizabeth, and Ana instead of Anna, much simpler and more unique without sounding silly and made up.

    3) The name Tyler on a girl, it just sounds quite brutish!

    4) When you ask opinions on a baby name, and other people suggest different ways of spelling it, or a different name completely! Gosh, listen to the question!

    5) Isabella, I loathe how Twilight made it so popular! It's a beautiful name in my opinion, and I love the way it sounds with a foreign accent. For a boy, it would be Noah. I've loved this name since I was a little girl, but there are so many little Noah's running around, it wouldn't feel special.

    6) Ashley, I really don't like it, and can't explain why, I think it's quite plain and uninteresting.

    7) It definetely cannot be in the top 50, at least! But I'll make an exception for a name I'm head over heels with.

    8) For girls, Freyja (people think the j isn't meant to be there, but it is) and boys - Dallas, I know it's unusual and quite tacky, but it's my guilty pleasure!

    9) Benjamin Isaac and Lila Faye!

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    1. I really love Bellamy for a boy. It's a French name meaning "handsome".

    2. I prefer Daniele over Danielle. I saw it on a girl and thought it looked more simple and pretty.

    3. I agree with you 100% on Elliot! I also think Ryan is only acceptable on a boy.

    4. When people ask for your *honest* opinion on a name and then lash out when they get negative feedback. So annoying. You got what you asked for so don't complain because you didn't get the answer you wanted from someone! Grr.

    5. Sophia, although I'm not sure I'd use it. It's my close friend's 3 month old daughter's name & I've always thought it's so cute.

    6. I agree with you on Aubree! It's a masculine name, also. Audrey is so much classier and beautiful. And my name is Gabriela, but I go by Gabby ;P Lol I kind of agree that Gabby is weird, but I like it a lot :) Hopefully it ages well!

    7. I really don't care as long as it's not in the top ten. I like what I like. Oh well.

    8. Older names like Pamela and Virginia for girls. Obviously, people think they're too outdated or not cute.

    9. Emmeline Audrey & James Andrew

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    1) Alisa, everyone I say it too has never heard of it (Uh-Lisa)

    2) Erika - with a 'k' instead of a 'c' ; Christopher with no 'h' ; Norah with an 'h' ; Elyssa instead of Alyssa (which is different than Alisa)

    3) Taylor - I LOVE it on a boy, and hate it on a girl ; Kyle - it is a good name for a boy, but TERRIBLE on a girl ; Sasha - i know it is supposed to be for a boy, but it think it is way to girly, it is fit for a girl not a boy

    4) I dont have specific examples off the top of my head, but basically what you said. When people say names can't be unisex. You explained it better, but yeah. And the names I listed above, I didn't say they weren't unisex, I just dont like them on one gender. BTw, I love Jordan on a girl

    5) Sophia. I think it is so beautiful, but it is #1. I have names that I love that are very popular, like Courtney, Robert and Andrew, but I am going to use them anyway

    6) I hate Aubree as well. I hate Nevaeh, it sounds trashy. And I hate Addison as well.

    7) Im really not fazed by popularity, unless a GIRL name is in the top 5, I dont care with boys names

    8) Courtney & Bianca - people think it is trashy. Taylor - they think it is too girly

    9) Courtney Marie and Robert George

    Question for next time: Since you got into baby names, how many times has your favorite name changed? Me: 5 or 6!

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    1. Kaleah (Ka-Lee-a) it's my friends name...basically her parents couldn't decide to call her Leah or Kayleigh so she became Kaleah!!

    2. Well I don't think personally There is a real spelling of a name...but if it's real I like Sophia compared to Sofia

    3. Elliott, Ryan and Connor! Perfect for boys not on girls...

    4. Yeah I agree with you :) Unisex is such a thing and people have very strong opinions That Addison Peyton, etc are purely boys names, well there this modern age original boys names have become so much more popular for girls.

    5. Hmm I Believe when I name my children I will name them purely on the name not how popular, unique, etc, it is...and I love Jacob!!

    6. none really!

    7. Well again like I said for number 5. I don't care how popular the name is! If I like the name and want to choose it for my child then that's all that matters!!

    8. Mostly The unisex names I like.....For girls: Coady

    9. For girls: Aria Hazel Rose "Ari" & Jacob Thomas "Jake"

    This was fun :)

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    1) Favourite uncommon name? Ooh, let me think a moment. I love the name Lorelei on a girl. I also love Cassiopeia, with the nickname Cassie (astrology). I also love Niamh (NEEVE), which is Irish, as well as Aoife (EE-fa) and Siobhan (shu-VORN). Jessen is beautiful, by the way. I might be adding that to my names list xD

    2) Well, if a name comes from something, I usually prefer it to be spelt the way the object is spelt. So it really bugs me when people spell the name 'Holly' as 'Hollie', because the plant is spelt with a 'y'. However, I really love the name Skye, with the 'e', because I think it looks too stark without it.

    3) I hate the name Rory on a girl. I don't know why. Maybe because defines it as 'red king'. I don't mind if it's short for Aurora though.

    4) What bugs me? All the trolls, I suppose. It seems to be one of the heaviest trolled areas on the site. I mean, who's actually sad enough to take the time out of their day to ask whether 'TickTockPooPooHead' is a good name for their child?

    5) I love Sophie and Sophia, but unfortunately they're becoming so popular I'm starting to hate them! Sigh.

    6) I don't understand Aubree either! Also, what's with all these -aden names? Kayden, Braden, Jayden, etc. What's going on there?

    7) I'm pretty slack on popularity limits. If I like a name, I like a name and that's that. I'm not really bothered by popularity, except in some cases like Sophie/Sophia where I see it around so often it starts to bug me.

    8) A name that I love, but everyone else seems to hate ... hmm. I can't really answer this. All my names are pretty standard. But I will tell you this: I love the name Cameron (on a boy) but I hate its meaning! 'Crooked nose'? Ugh. That's why I can't name my boy Cameron ... :(

    9) Favourites: Michael Ryan & Katherine Rose. Mikey and Kate :D I also love Madeleine Grace, and I'm on a seesaw about which to choose for a girl ...

  • 8 years ago

    1) Elias. I know in America it's quite a popular name but in England it's not even in the top 1000, or if it is, I haven't ever seen it on any website or anything. I love it and I definitely would use it. :)

    2) I prefer Elliot to Elliott, and Louie to Louis. (By the way, Catherine is the 'real' spelling - Katherine is an alternate form.)

    3) Avery. Again I'm British and our ideas of 'acceptable' names and stuff are probably quite different, but I really think Avery is awful on a girl. Over here it's not even in the top 1000 for either gender but it is more popular for boys, which I'm glad of.

    4) People putting boys' names on girls. I know a little girl named Ryan and I'm going to feel so sorry for her when she starts getting picked on when she goes to school.

    5) Most names, haha! I adore the names Lily and Sophia for girls, and I'm praying that when the time comes for me to have kids they won't be quite as popular. I love Lucas and Samuel for boys, and I would use them if they weren't so popular. I also love Aidan but I think it's been ruined for me by all the trendy variations.

    6) Jayden, Brayden, Kayden...just why?

    7) The names on my lists go from the top 10 anywhere past 2000. I love a lot of popular names but if I was actually going to name a kid, I'd try to stay out of the top 100 at least, just so that they won't be one of 5 Jacks or Sophias in a class.

    8) Saskia. It's relatively well-used here but everyone I ask on Y!A seems to hate it. Apparently it 'sounds weird'. All the more for me then I guess :)

    9) Elias Matthew for a boy, Saskia Lily for a girl. :)

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    1. Jude or Avery for a boy, and Aoife or Lyra for a girl.

    2. Isobel to Isabelle. To me, Isabelle just looks to frilly. Isobel is beautiful and elegant, but looks like it would suit an adult, whereas Isabelle doesn't.

    3. I don't believe in 'unisex' names. A name is either masculine or feminine. In most cases, it's a masculine name that has been hijacked by unintelligent parents to use on their daughters. I hate these names on girls: Aubrey, Avery, Briar, Brook, Caelan (misspelled as Kaylynne or some other trash), Cameron, Darcy, Dillon/Dylan, Elliot, Emerson, Emery, Finlay/Finley, Flynn, Hayden, Hunter, Jude, Luca, Madison, Mason, Noah, Page, Reilly/Riley, Valentine, Ashley, Morgan, Tailor/Taylor, all 'aden' names, all 'son' names, all surnames (McKenzie, Kennedy) etc etc.

    4. Oops, guess what I just said would bug you.

    I truly hate it when someone takes a boys' name, chucks it on a girl and claims it's feminine. I hate trendeigh, yoo-neek spellings and I hate made-up or mash-up names.

    5. Evelyn is popular? I've never met an Evelyn in my life... I don't care about popularity, so I'd use a name if I liked it, no matter what the popularity.

    6. All boys' names on girls, trendy, made-up spellings and trashy names.

    7. Don't care about popularity.

    8. Not sure.

    9. Jude Avery and Isobel Charlotte

    EDIT - @Elle Marie, Caden and *Jadon are legitimate names, as are Aiden and Braden. The illegitimate names are Jayden, Brayden, Grayden, Zaiden etc etc. Learn your facts.

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    1. I like Gwendolen. It's more of a guilty pleasure name since I'd never use it, but I think it's so pretty.

    2. Well I'm not sure what the original or "real" spelling is considered for this name, but I love the spelling Leila (alternate spellings include Layla, Laila, and Leyla).

    3. I don't like to consider the name Riley unisex but I guess I have to because so many people are using it for girls these days. I think it's a nice name for a boy (not one I'd use but still nice) but for a girl I don't like it. It sounds harsh and also just trashy and trendy.

    4. When people get really obsessive about the original genders of names. I guess I'm sort of a hypocrite because I will sometimes tell people "that's a boy's name" when for example they want to use Ryan on a girl, and a lot of the time it just depends which gender I've seen or heard of that name being used for. For example I never criticize people for using Dylan on a girl because I've known two female Dylans, I just say that I prefer it for a boy. But I guess my point is that it's better to just say "I prefer that name on a (boy/girl)" rather than "that's a (boy/girl) name blah blah blah endless ranting history lesson." You have no idea how many times I've read this exact comment: "Madison is a masculine boy's name. It means son of Maud. Son. Not daughter." It's just so irritating and holier-than-thou, and sometimes we really do need to accept that language is fluid and the accepted genders of names can change. Okay sorry, end crazy rant.

    5. Julia. Actually that's not the reason I won't use it but it's pretty damn popular. Beautiful name though.

    6. Nevaeh. I just. I don't understand. There is nothing attractive about it. And it's so stupid.

    7. I haven't though too hard about this since I'm not having a baby and don't plan to any time soon, but I don't think I'd set myself any sort of "not in the top X" limits because it'll probably depend on the name. If it's a name that I've loved for a long time that happens to be popular when I'm having kids, I might think twice about it but I wouldn't scrap it just for that reason. I think it's better for a kid to have a common name that at least everybody knows how to spell and pronounce than a too-unique name that they got because their parents were trying too hard to be different.

    8. I honestly can't think of a name that I love that everybody hates. The closest one I can think of is Emily, but I don't think people hate it, I just think they think it's too popular. And it is very popular. But it's a very pretty name, I just think people don't notice how pretty it is anymore because it's so common and they've heard it a million times.

    9. I don't know if I could pick an all-time favorite because my favorite names change all the time. But right now my favorites are Lucy Claire and Simon Robert.

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