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How is this version of the lesser pentagram compared to the regular lesser pentagram ritual?

Hi all I found this enochian LRP the other day and really like it but I want to see other peoples opinions on it so please tell me how you feel it is compared to the regular version 1. Face East. Visualize an Orb of White Brilliance above your head. This is your 'Kether'. When you can see it clearly and bright, reach your weapon (wand/dagger) up into it, and bring down the light from it into your forehead and into the middle of your head (straight down from the orb of light).  Touching the forehead with the tip of the dagger say "ZIR" (Zohd-EE-Rah)  2. Bring the Light down through your Middle-Pillar/Pranic-Tube while directing its movement with your weapon and imagine it shooting straight down into another large Orb of Light (this time brilliant Green) beneath your feet. (I usually point and thrust the dagger straight down with help from my other hand so that it points at the ground in front of me after directing the energy from Crown to Feet through the body.)  After directing the energy from Crown to Feet in the above manner, say "LONDOH" (LOh-Neh-DOh-Heh)  3. Now visualize a large Orb of brilliant Red Light interpenetrating your right shoulder.  Touching the right shoulder with the tip of the blade, say "LONSA" (LOh-Nah-SAh)  4. Visualize a large Orb of Brilliant Blue Light interpenetrating your left shoulder. Draw a line of Light connecting the Red Orb in your right shoulder with the Blue Orb in your left shoulder.  Touching the left shoulder with the tip of the blade, say "BUSD" (BU-SahD)  5. Sweep both hands down, out, then back up and around inward again in a circular motion, and come to rest over your heart. Clasping the hands upon the breast, visualize your heart to be a Brilliant Golden-yellow Orb.  Say "OD NOCO MAD HOATH IAIDA" (OD NOCO MAh-Deh HOh-Ah-Tah-Heh EE-Ah-EE-DAh)  6. Still facing East, make a yellow Banishing pentagram of Air with the dagger/wand.  Insert the tip of the daggar into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "ORO IBAH AOZPI" (Oh-ROh EE-BAH Ah-Oh-Zohd-Pey)  7. Turning to the South, make a red Banishing pentagram of Fire.  Insert the tip of the daggar into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "OIP TEAA PDOCE" (Oh-EE-Peh TEy-Ah-Ah Peh-Doh-Kay)  8. Turning to the West, make a blue Banishing pentagram of Water.  Insert the tip of the daggar into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "MPH ARSL GAIOL" (eM-PeH ARaSaL GAh-EE-Oh-Leh)  9. Turning to the North, make a green Banishing pentagram of Earth.  Insert the tip of the daggar into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "MOR DIAL HCTGA" (eMOR-DEE-AL Heh-Cah-Tah-GAh)  10. Finish the drawing of the circle as you return East. Now facing East, extend the arms in the form of a cross and say:  11. "Before me BATAIVAH" (BAh-TAh-EE-VAh-Heh)  Note: The names of the Elemental Kings may be vibrated and their forces evoked beyond the parameter of the flaming pentagrams while doing so. Because they are rather high-level abstract formless forces, there are no common forms for visualizing them. The practitioner may be creative, or perhaps they will create their own forms with which to manifest using existing symbolism in your subconscious.  12. "Behind me RAAGIOSL" (RAh-Ah-Gee-Oh-SeL)  13. "On my right hand EDLPRNAA" (Eh-DeL-PeR-NAh-Ah)  14. "On my left hand ICZHIHAL" (EE-Kah-Zohd-Hee-HAL)  15. "For about me flames the pentagram,"  16. "And in the column shines the six-rayed Star." 17.-21. Repeat Qabalistic Cross (#'s 1 - 5 )

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    It's basically just the normal pentagram ritual with a few substitutions. The Kabalistic Cross seems to have been roughly translated into enochian, though with some changes to the meaning.

    The normal names of god have been changed for the names from the tablets, each one according to the tablet of the relevant element. The Archangels have been changed to the Elemental Kings.

    Basically, it's the same ritual.

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    You sound such as you're mixing intense magic with jap skill dogma. the two are no longer possibly that heavily proper. frequently you will touch the middle element between the foreheadridge and the bridge of the nostril - maximum heavily linked with the 0.33 eye chakra yet a touch decrease.

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    Fair to middling

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    One should be EXACTLY as ineffective as the other.

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