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為甚麼用need not,而不是do not ?

The present financial difficulties need not mean that people will lose their jobs.

為甚麼用need not,而不是do not ?

need not mean.... = 不需要意味..... ,似乎不太通順。

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    need not + V,就是do not need to +V,保證你會懂,看這裡

  • 8 years ago

    Does not mean = 並不意味

    Need not mean = 不一定意味

  • 8 years ago

    It means the financial difficulties need,demand,require,want,depend on, and rely on people to work.

    It is necessary for people to work!

    The verb do can mean many things. The words given here are only a few of the synonyms you could use."Do" as you like in your job=act,behave,conduct yourself which "need not" mean the same meaning in the sentence.

    Source(s): google translation website
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