Fun, crazy things to do on a beach?

I am with my bff (we're both girls, age 15) this enitre week in South Padre Island, and we are trying to think of fun crazy semi-YOLO things to do! I'm not much of a risk taker(no sky-diving/bungee jumping/ ect) but I still would want to go do some fun things to make memories with... For example we already have: "Parasailing, photobomb people, Free Hugs, running around beach screaming random embarassing things, taking random pictures with strangers, ect."

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    8 years ago
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    SUP? Stand Up Paddle board is fun, so give it a try. If there's a beach volleyball game going, get in on that. Get a big sunhat and over sized sunglasses and act like a movie star. Have fun! :-)

  • 8 years ago

    there are always really good chances to interact with lots of funlovers and beachgoers down there.

    you will have fun no matter what you decide to do!

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