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How do I view the entire credits of a movie (including extras)?

Someone I know told me (a while ago, like back in 2009 or 2010) that they were an extra in the movie "Flipped" but they also had a speaking part or some other short part like that, I guess. I don't know if it's true that he was in it so is there a way to see a list of extras that played in it?

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    You don't understand what "credit" means. Everyone in a film is not credited. Only actors who are credited are listed in the credits. So you will always see a full list of credits because if they are not credited, they will not be listed. Extras are rarely credited.

    There is not a public list of extras for films.

    Cast for Flipped (2010) in credits order

    Madeline Carroll ... Juli Baker

    Callan McAuliffe ... Bryce Loski

    Rebecca De Mornay ... Patsy Loski

    Anthony Edwards ... Steven Loski

    John Mahoney ... Chet Duncan

    Penelope Ann Miller ... Trina Baker

    Aidan Quinn ... Richard Baker

    Kevin Weisman ... Daniel Baker

    Morgan Lily ... Young Juli

    Ryan Ketzner ... Young Bryce

    Gillian Pfaff ... Young Lynetta

    Michael Boza ... Teasing Boy

    Beau Lerner ... Teasing Boy

    Jacquelyn Evola ... Playground Girl

    Taylor Groothuis ... Playground Girl

    Elly Bryant ... Playground Girl

    Ashley Taylor ... Sherry Stalls

    Israel Broussard ... Garrett

    Cody Horn ... Lynetta

    Frankie Potochick ... Neighborhood Kid

    Quintin Hicks ... Tree Worker

    Wallace Bridges ... Tree Worker

    Inga Wilson ... Mrs. Kimble

    Jake Reiner ... Skyler

    Michael Christopher Bolten ... Mark Baker

    Shane Harper ... Matt Baker

    Linda Auwers ... Mrs. Meisner

    Ruth Crawford ... Mrs. Steuby

    Stefanie Scott ... Dana Tressler

    Joseph Varsanik ... Boy in Hallway

    Tyler Moylan ... Boy in Hallway

    Tristan DeRoches ... Boy in Hallway

    Pat Lentz ... Mrs. McClure

    Spencer Rohatynski ... Basket Boy

    Chase Gall ... Basket Boy

    Matthew Gold ... Eddie Trulock

    Alora Catherine Smith ... Melanie

    Kelley Donnelly ... Liz

    Sophina Saggau ... Macy

    Michele Messmer ... Pello's Mom

    Other credited cast listed alphabetically

    Hahn Cho ... Interviewee

    Scott Joel Gizicki ... Mental Patient

    Julia Hershey ... Student

    Sydney Lumbert ... Classmate

    Rod Myers ... Young Richard

    Kara Pacitto ... Interview Twin

    Katelyn Pacitto ... Interview Twin

    Clarinda Ross ... Interview First Kiss

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    If he was credited, you can probably find his name by looking up the title of the film on IMDB. Once you pull up the film's profile, you will se a list of first billed actors. Under this, there should be a link that says "see all cast and crew." If you click this link, and your friend was credited, then you should find his name. A lot of times, though, extras are uncredited.

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