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First day of 7th grade tips?

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Ok. I know "be your self" but I want you to go all the way into detail because I want to know should I leave my old friends or should I keep them and not make new friends ...show more
Update : Oh and I forgot I have social phobia and I need help with that too. ...show more
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Trust me, I remember that feeling. I'm going into 8th grade but I still remember my first day. But the first day is completely easy. The most important thing to remember is that your opinion of people WILL change. Just because that guy was a dork on the first day doesn't mean he won't be the coolest guy in the grade next week. Same goes with the people you meet.

1. Yes, you should keep your old friends. But that doesn't mean you have to be with them 24/7. You will meet lots of other friends.

However, if you want a fresh, clean and new start, you don't have to hang out with them.

2. In 7th grade, there is no such thing as the popular group. They're just the annoying and bitchy group. Avoid them, because they are your one way ticket to drama. The best way to avoid them, is to give them plain answers when they ask anything from you.

3. The best thing you can do, is buy a mini whiteboard for your room. You can write assignments, homework, tests and excursions down. That way, teachers won't get so mad at you for forgetting. Remember to buy a planner and bring it to each class so you can write down homework.

4. Crushes are fine. Just make sure you fall for a nice guy

Okay! These are some of my tips that I followed on my first year.

-Say hi to the person next to you in each of your classes. This will make it easier to choose partners for projects. And maybe make friends
-Don't let too many people use your stuff
-Find out your teachers email to send them your work when your sick
-Don't be embarrassed to raise your hand to ask questions. Teachers love it.
-If you fall behind get help right away so you don't get lost
-Buy a whiteboard for your room or one of those wipe off wall stickers, and write down due dates of assignments, long term projects, extended homework, group work, trips and anything important
-Buy a mini whiteboard for your locker
-Don't procrastinate, its the one of the worst feelings in the world
-Keep your notes organised, remember to take notes

-You don't need a boyfriend to make you happy
-Don't lose friends over boys
-Avoid fights
-Don't let people take advantage of you
-Most other grades won't hurt you. Some will.
-Never go to a party alone, EVER! Do I need to name everything that could go wrong? But don't worry if its a birthday party
-Don't do drugs
-Have positive friends
-Join clubs and teams to meet people
-Always make time for friends
-Be careful of who you tell secrets to
-Don't spread rumours
-If you have a problem, talk it out
-Stay friends with your parents
-Someone, somewhere will have a problem with you. Be the bigger person and ignore it.
-Don't start drama, school is way more fun without it.
-Girls CAN be mean. Assume its their problem
-Have confidence.
-People get pregnant and things happen so protect yourself and never abandon a friend going through this

-Keep color coded folders for each subject
-Keep extra sanitary things
-Pens and pencils always get lost. Keep a few in your locker
-Keep emergency money
-Keep little bottles of gel, water or lotion
-Keep a mini brush
-Keep some hair ties
-Keep an extra change of clothes in case you spill food on yourself
-Get some tide to go
-Keep your make up if you use any
-Pocket mirror
(Note: Most of the above is optional)

-Keep spare shoes for gym
-Give yourself time to eat breakfast in the morning
-Pick out your clothes each night so you aren't rushing in the morning
-Never have a embarrassing ring tone. It may ring in the middle of class
-Take nothing but a notepad, lunch, water, pens and pencils on the first day. Keep your bag light because the school will give you a few things on the first day.
-Find out what studying routine works for you
-Find out what morning routine works for you(you might want to write your morning routine on your white board so you don't forget anything in the morning
-Hair is frustrating, but its not the end of the world
-Decorate what you like. You only get to stay at school once, so you might as well enjoy it
-Have fun with learning. I know barney the dinosaur could of told you this, but be playful when the teacher isn't there.
-Carry a list of school supplies while shopping to make sure you don't forget anything
-Don't over challenge yourself, only take on what you can take on
-Have your own style
-High light and tag everything
-Get a goal and stick to it
-Have a plan for a relaxing activity
-Everyone is in the same place as you. Relax
-Be positive for the whole year
-Get a good sleep but wake up early to get ready
-Cheesy movies about high school can make you feel better
-Getting lost isn't that bad. Think of it as an adventure
-Friends come and go, but you'll find a best friend group

Good luck and best wishes for the year!

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Thank you !!
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  • thatsgranderful answered 3 years ago
    There is no clear answer as to if you should leave your old friends or leave them for new ones. You are only in 7th grade too, so you gotta understand all of your friends (and including yourself) personalities will change. These changes could led to conflict and can end friendships. I mean anything could happen in the course of a year, so there is no definite answer.

    So, what you should do is just keep all options open and try to be friendly with everyone. Dont leave your old friends unless you have a problem with them, more friends is better then none. Also NEVER talk about ANYONE behind their back, it will always come back to kick you on the butt.

    To avoid a bad crowd, just be aware of your surroundings. If you do not like what someone is doing, then do not hang out with them. If they think differently of you, then that is their problem. Although it may seem like it now, once you go away to college you will forget about all the senseless drama that happened in junior high and high school.

    So, in summary, be yourself is the best advice. Oh, and watch out for bad crowds.
    Good luck :)

    Also, another good tip: try to save money. You'll thank yourself later once your in college.
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  • Dan answered 3 years ago
    It's been a long time since 7th grade for me but here goes.

    Treat everyone with respect and kindness, especially those your classmates may not.

    Act confident even when you don't feel confident, but don't be cocky.

    Don't get too high when you succeed or too low when things get tough.

    Look forward, not backward.

    Don't ever give in to peer pressure.

    Don't ever give in to peer pressure (it merits repeating).

    Don't do anything that would embarass you if it became known.

    Be careful on the Internet. Maintain reasonable privacy and remember that folks on the net aren't always who they claim to be.

    Remember that the mistakes you make now, unless they are huge ones, won't stay with you. Learn from them and put them behind you.

    Don't forget that it's your responsibility to get a good education. Be an active learner and you will be rewarded with a richer life.

    Enjoy your youth.
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  • ¤×Flash¤× answered 3 years ago
    Keep your /true/ friends. It would be a good idea to focus on your studies. Nothing wrong with spending time with your buddies, just remember what really matters. As for new friends, there's nothing wrong with that either. But too many friends can sometimes take up much of your time. Time is precious. The years that really matter is after your education, just keep that in mind. I wish someone explained this to me when I was your age.
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  • Jace answered 3 years ago
    That Is so funny! I'm going into 7th grade myself and I too have to wear a dress code. What "being yourself" means to me is REALLY be yourself. You don't wanna change to hang out with someone, think about it. In the end, that person is gonna find out who you are and it will be a messy situation. I really hope I helped you and I wish you luck!!!!
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  • Lime answered 3 years ago
    Why would you think about dumping your friends? Of course keep them if they still share your interests. Make new friends with people you get along with as well.

    Homework tips? Just do your homework and try not to procrastinate. If you have trouble ask your teachers.
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  • First day of 7th grade tips?
    Ok. I know "be your self" but I want you to go all the way into detail because I want to know should I leave my old friends or should I keep them and not make new friends and how to avoid being sucked in into the messy/popular girls group. Oh and I don't need any clothes tips because the dresscode is Only navy blue or baby blue shirts only. School pants (Idk how to spell it kaki pants?? Idk) and a black or brown belt. SOLID navy or black windbreaker and black or white sports shoes only. I'm going to a Career & Technology school soo.. Yea I just want some homework tips and I know not to fall for boys and all. I JUST WANT SOME TIPS PLS AND THANKYOU :DD
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