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what are some online eyeglass stores that let me use my prescription on sunglasses.?

im looking for some new glasses since my old ones are starting to rust and break apart, i'm trying to find an online store that will let me buy my lens and frames together, so that i can just get them delivered to my place overnight. any good online stores with variety of frames?

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    9 years ago
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    You can get high quality new frames and lenses for around $100 online at Replacement Lens Express. The single vision lenses are $25 and then frames can be as cheap as $50, but most are $75.

    Check out their selection, but even if you don't see a frame that you like on their website, they can get it for you. You just have to ask - you can email them directly from their site.

    It's a family owned and operated optical shop in CT and they are very friendly and customer service / quality is great.

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    7 years ago

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