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i need to save my baby water turtle she wont eat anything at all for 3 days. what should i do?"((?

it came as a present in my birthday 4 days ago and she is only 3 months old...i gave her chiken , veggies , even fish food but she wont eat any... or is fish food is different from turtle pellets? she is getting sicker n i donow what to do .

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    First you need to identify what kind of turtle she is. Does she have red markings next to her ears? If so she's a red-ear slider, and she'll do fine on turtle pellets (yes, they are different from fish food). If she's a terrapin (you should look up a picture for that one) she will likely need a different type of food. I'm not familiar enough with other types of aquatic turtles to tell you about any others, you should look up pictures on Google to identify her species and find instructions for her care.

    It may not be about her food. Does she have a place to crawl out of the water and get completely dry? That's VERY important for aquatic turtles, especially red-ear sliders. Also, what kind of light do you have over her tank? She will need a special UV light made for reptiles, so that she can bask and be healthy. A regular light will not do, and it should be over her tank but not right on top of it so she can't be hurt by too much heat.

    I hope you find out what is wrong, if worse comes to worse you can call a pet store and they might be able to help you. Also please speak to whoever got the turtle for you and tell them that animals as pets are usually a bad idea, unless the person they're given to is familiar with the animal or explicit instructions for its care are included. Otherwise things like this happen. It's good that you're looking for the answers to properly care for her. Don't give her chicken, though, it's probably not good for her, no matter what kind of turtle she is. I would suggest regular iceberg lettuce for now, maybe a worm to see if she's carnivorous.

    Good luck, I hope she makes it.

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    I have turtles too and sometimes mine wont eat for a few days either.

    This can depend on several things;

    Is the tank water too cold?

    Is your turtle ill?

    Maybe she doesnt like the food you are giving her. My turtles love bloodworms and frozen turtle dinners but they hate dried pellets, and any fresh food we give them.

    Try experimenting with different foods, and make sure there is a heater in the tank, otherwise your turtle will become dormant and wont do a hell of a lot. Turtles can go without food for quite a while without dying, so try not to worry too much :)

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    its normal for a turtle my turtle hadnt eaten for 4 days and yesterday she ate 3 fish and she is only 2 inches long so she was hungry but dont worry it will eventualy eat..

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    I have been given a puppy toddler turtle this summer season! they are so amazing are not they? nicely anyhow, do in basic terms no longer watch them eat. It startles them. additionally in basic terms permit hem settle and allow him eat algie. I found out this the confusing way. it took me almost 7 months to study that he's barely going to eat algie.

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    go to petsmart or something dont feed her/him human food maby petsmart has TURTLE food ok if he dosnt eat THAT then try forsing him like see if you can open his/her little turtle mouth and put the food in ur turtle see if he chews:)

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    Well bring her to a vet if shes getting sick but somtimes Turtetls wont eat up to two weeks but if shes sick take her to the vet

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