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What does true love feel like?

Okay, I know this is going to sound stupid- but just let me get this out!

So basically i'm only 17, and I know thats kinda young to be thinking about this. But im wondering... what does true love feel like? Sometimes, I watch Tv shows and movies and I think the guy actor is so attractive and then suddenly i'm almost obsessed with him and can't stop thinking about him and how sad I am that I can't have him. Whenever I have a crush on a guy at school, it feels nothing like this. So when I find true love will it be like how I feel about like Leonardo in Titanic, or will it just be like a happy feeling? Because the first time I saw Titanic I literally fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio and I've never felt that way about anyone else... Is that what true love feels like or is that just lust?

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    This is a great question.

    You know that you can never be with Leonardo so what you experienced was just a fantasy. But, true love does feel a bit like a fantasy.

    When you are in a real relationship where you are making plans to have a future together, raise kids, and make a life together it is a lot different from just dating someone because they are cute. It is the “forever” component that makes a relationship real love, because without forever you are just friends with benefits.

    When you are really in love there is a feeling of simple joy and delight just being around that person. Having them in your life makes you a better person and makes your life more enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilled. The two of you together are far more than you could ever be apart.

    The relationship that you have is a living and growing entity in and of itself. It is alive and what keeps it alive is the trust, respect, and concern you have for each other. A relationship is more than just two people being together. A relationship is like a child and requires attention and nourishment in order to grow.

    I would also like to add that when you are in a real relationship there is an intense longing for one another’s company. You can’t get enough of being around each other. I’m not just talking about sex. I mean that you are really happy to see that person after work, spend your weekends together, and pretty much any time you can be together you want to be together. This feeling doesn’t change over time even after you get married.

    If while you are dating someone they tell you that they need space take it as a major red flag. Relationships are about togetherness, not space. If you want space stay single. When someone tells you they need space what they are really saying is that they are tired of you or that they don’t feel the same as you do.

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    TRUE LOVE individually is, to start with now not a noun, it is a verb... When one real loves one other and, It's the lasting sort that is aware of no finish; typically one will understand it quickly when they meet; however more commonly 2 humans will meet, uncover that they've many matters in usual, and they'll make a determination to stick in combination...Now that is wherein the "verb" is available in...and the paintings starts.. typically it's tough paintings and typically it is not.. One has to desire it , be given it, and now and then relatively paintings tough to maintain it...Most couples that experience decades invested, will inform you that real love is figure, sacrifice, and the whole lot that's stated in the course of their vows The causes why many marriages fail, is as a result of laziness, exhaustion, and in the event that they run right into a snag as an alternative of operating it out, they'll flip to anyone distinctive...and it's going to typically snowball downhill from there. So, I uncover that after the marriage ceremony, and honeymoon are over, and fact starts humans stumble via, people who find themselves competent to do the paintings (and it's going to take each), will make it and those that have not acquired a clue... Marriage isn't for the faint of middle...definitely now not... that's why each person will have to cross via studying what marriage relatively method earlier than they are trying ...after which they will have to make a decision in combination whether or not they relatively desire to seem past the sizzling lust and do what's indispensable to make a wedding prevail...Good good fortune and maintain operating at it my peers... Hugs, Iris

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