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How can I dress like Katy Perry?

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    Look for vintage clothing. You can go to a yard sale, thrift shop, or you can even find vintage in random clothing shops. (Good examples are Forever21 and Lulus.)

    Buy funny, cool and cute jewelry. You can find quirky, fun jewelry at,, and in many vintage or indie shops. Look for things such as watermelon necklaces, bunny-rabbit anklets, etc. Anything goofy yet fun will work just fine.

    Wear brightly colored shoes. Platform yellow heels or hot pink ballet flats both capture Katy's funky, wild style. Make sure they're cute, like with little bows on them.

    Hair should be kept tidy and cute. Katy Perry almost never changes her hair. Keep a simple color and make sure it's clean and neat. If you want to try some crazy colors every once in a while, go for it. Just not too often.

    Katy Perry isn't always the best dressed. In fact, she rarely isn't on the "worst dressed" part of magazines. However, people still love her and her strange style. The bottom line is, Katy doesn't care if her clothes look odd. She rocks 'em anyway. So that's what you need to do-be confident and strut your stuff with pride! Your gonna get shot down a lot and you may get made fun of, just shake it off.

    Katy Perry is often not tanned, so don't tan. Failing that, use cosmetics. A load of suncream can do the job. I you want to stay tanned, just be a tanned Katy Perry, as somtimes she gets a tan.

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    dont wear anything lol

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