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Top engineering school for me?

I will be a senior in August in high school at a public school in south Florida. I got a 2110 on SAT after two attempts with a 770 in math. I got a 30 on ACT after one attempt with a 35 in math and 29 in science. This year I took AP Calc AB and AP physics B and next year will take AP Calc bc, AP physics C, AP stats, just regarding the math and sciences. I don't have many extracurricular activities to show for. My gpa is 4.7604 weighted and 3.8571 academic core.

Prior to recieving my SAT/ACT scores, I was only considering UCF and UF. But now I am wondering if there are better engineering schools that may be possibilities worth working for.

Any advice or input is appreciated

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  • Dave C
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    So with your grades and test scores, you will obviously get into any of the state schools and any of the private schools in Florida.

    You will likely also be accepted into good engineering schools like Georgia Tech, Carnegie-Mellon, Rose Hulman, etc.

    You will get a great engineering degree/education at either UF or UCF. They are both top flight engineering schools.

    But is the cost of (a) going out of state (to a public like Georgia Tech) or (b) going to a private (in-state like University of Miami or out-of-state like Carnegie-Mellon) worth it? I think that the answer is a solid "No" for your bachelor degree. If you want to go for a Masters (or PhD) you might consider going to GT or CMU, but my advice would be to save your money for graduate school and take advantage of the great engineering schools (UF and UCF) in Florida.

    p.s., Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. You've clearly stayed focused on what's important and you should do GREAT in college if you keep that focus.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I stay in pittsburgh, and that i be attentive to for specific that CMU (Carnegie Mellon college) is between the extra suitable ones, and close to that's the college of Pitt. they are the two super colleges that do the two one in each and every of those majors. I plan on attempting to get into those colleges for the comparable element!

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