Do you know that 30 million working poor will be able to get health insurance under the affordable care act?

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    9 years ago
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    I dont know why people think if 30 million more people are insured we will have a doctor shortage. They dont all go to the doctor at the same time. Actually it is 15 million on Medicaid and 15 million on private insurance.

    Not everyone can qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. The free clinics are too full for new patients. The county clinics will take you but you must pay a fee and you have to pay for treatment, imaging, surgery which people cannot do. A high deductible may never be met in the course of a year. Other countries are not trying to change their national health plans.

    People dont understand that insurance reforms include selling insurance to people who were rejected previously or dropped from insurance altogether for non-disclosure of illness. As the film Sicko pointed out, insurance executives get paid not to pay out claims. It is a nightmare going through a private insurance company.

    Whether it is federal government over-stepping their bounds or not, everyone must be insured in the U.S. to get adequate and affordable care through total participation in the same insurance risk pool which means the state insurance exchanges in 2014. If the federal mandate for hospitals to treat everyone who is not insured, you'd see a race to buy insurance.

    This was a sound business decision by the Obama White House because uninsured people present a problem for our economy.

    REBEL RO: You hate the VA and you have no insurance ?

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    RE Do you know that 30 million working poor will be able to get health insurance under the affordable care act?

    But only if the law stands.

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    RE :Do you know that 30 million working poor will be able to get health insurance under the affordable care act?

    But only if the law stands.

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    Most of the negative comments here stem from a media blitz against the Affordable Care Act. Major insurance companies will be retaining features of the ACA if it is struck down. Over 40,000 Americans die each year for lack of primary care.

    If America is such a great country why is it so far behind other countries in primary care, in cost, etc?

    $235 million in negative ads versus $70 spent on positive ads. Follow the money on who is paying for the negative ads.

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    Affordable care is available now. Tons of folks that qualify for Medicare and Medicaid haven't filed to be on it. Additionally, there are free and charity clinics, low cost clinics and community care clinics. Walgreen's provides low cost care for example.

    The best line of defense is to get a policy with a high deductible that will cover you in the event of an expensive medical emergency. Most people can buy such a policy for under $50/month per person - and most can get it for even less through their employer. Many children are covered through state plans and you can make a fair amount and still qualify.

    If you do need a good deal of care, you can also talk with doctors and hospitals about payment plans and often, if you don't have insurance they'll give you a big discount on your bill. Many pharmaceutical companies will provide medications for free if you cannot afford what you need.

    With Obamacare, people will have health insurance but not CARE.

    Fewer doctors will go into the field because compensation will go down while work load will increase.

    Costs will go up as they always do when the government gets involved.

    Quality will drop as competition diminishes.

    Innovation will not be rewarded and so it will slow exponentially.

    All of this leads to lower quality, less availability of physicians, longer wait times and very VERY high taxes.

    Look at other countries that are utilizing socialized care. Canada, the UK and France are all trying to get OUT of it and we're running headlong towards it. It doesn't work. In Canada, you have to enter a lottery in order to get a chance to see a doctor!

    A better solution would be to allow people to purchase health insurance to cover catastrophic issues across state lines - more competition = lower price tag, reward people for having health savings accounts,

    issue tort reform to get rid of frivolous lawsuits. Then allow the free market to determine price.

    Right now, when people have insurance they ask "what's the copay?" They have no idea how much a visit to their doctor costs, how much their medicines cost, etc.

    If you're really interested in learning about a solution that will actually work, check out Sick in America with Michael Moore and John Stossel:

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    9 years ago

    Do you know what putting 30 million more people in doctor's offices and hospitals? Insurance is worthless if you can't get in to see the doctor. It will be like emergency rooms where my wife broke her arm and had to sit in pain for 3 hours while Hispanic kids were being seen for sniffles and colds. That kind of thing will happen because there will be a big shortage of doctors and too many patients. No one thought about that when they drafted this monster.

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    9 years ago

    "Getting" health insurance is not the correct term. "Forced" health insurance is more plausible. By the way, I don't have health insurance, other than the VA. (Veterans Affairs). I have been out of the Marines for almost 5 years... and still awaiting my combat related pending claims.

    I am deaf for one. I also had shrapnel in my leg/ foot from an IED and ambush. My appointment for my leg is Fri. Oct. 19, 2012. My foot... who knows. My deaf claim... is Feb. next year.

    This my friend, IS socialized medicine. Veterans comprise of less than 2% of the U.S. population. How do you expect the government to lead the healthcare world for 320 million Americans, plus illegal aliens, if they can't even take care of their own veterans?

    Food for your brain.

    Edit: You can thumb me down all you want, but that still doesn't change the reality of things. The VA will still remain socialized, and an obstacle in veterans lives till it's reformed. I guess you can't fix 'stupid.'

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    9 years ago

    Yes. Republicans who oppose it, oppose personal responsibility. They would rather we the tax payer be forced to pay for people who don't have health insurance and use emergency rooms as primary care facilities.

  • 9 years ago

    They don't just "get" health insurance. They are FORCED to BUY IT. Either that, or WE THE TAXPAYERS are FORCED to subsidize the health insurance that those poor are FORCED TO BUY.

    All Obamacare does is drive UP costs of health care AND provide a cash cow to Big Insurance.

  • 9 years ago

    You are confused. The working poor can get health insurance now. They can buy it. With the socialized medicine law everyone will have to buy insurance. There many millions of people who don't buy health insurance because they don't want to. Freedom of choice is sacred.

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