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My water heater pilot keeps going out. Seems like it goes out more when it is hot.?

The water heater is in the attic. During this past winter, it went out only 2-3 times. Since summer has started, it has gone out more often.

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    Hi Philip, I’m Ken with The Home Depot and have had this problem myself. More than likely it’s the thermocouple.

    The thermocouple can get clogged with carbon and needs to be cleaned out, or the thermocouple is bad and needs to be replaced.

    A universal thermocouple is not very expensive and attaches more than one way, screw in, clamp on or push in.

    If you’re unsure how to change this part, you would be best served by calling a plumber or check with your local gas company and see if they will service it.

    Source(s): Home Depot/Personal experience.
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    With out inspecting it's hard to say for sure but replacing the thermocouple is the first place you could check. Its an inexpensive part and fairly easy to replace. It will look like a skinny tube attached to a copper line that runs to your gas valve. Always make sure to turn off your gas before doing anything to your water heater.

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    get the repair man to look at it and he will let u know just how to solve it

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