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Wiggy asked in SportsWrestling · 9 years ago

True or False: You went CRAZY when Undertaker kicked out of sweet chin music and a pedigree at WM 28 ?

I just re-watched that match and man, that was one of the most impressive matches I've ever seen.

I FOR SURE thought The Streak was done after Taker got hit with sweet chin music and a pedigree back-to-back. When I first watched it, I was thinking "well, its a fitting way to go out". And when Taker kicked out of those finishers, just about everyone I was watching WM 28 with went absolutely BONKERS!

Man oh man, moments like that are why I watch WWE.

So I know it happened a few months ago, but did you flip a lid when Undertaker kicked out of sweet chin music and the pedigree?

bq -- Was WM 28 the closest The Streak has gotten to ending?

bq2 -- With the recent push Sheamus has gotten, is he a worthy candidate to face Undertaker at WM 29?

bq3 -- True or false: Cena will face Undertaker at either WM 29 or WM 30?

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    Somewhat True. For me personally, I knew that when Shawn Michaels hit Sween Chin Music and Triple H followed with a pedigree that Undertaker was going to kick out however the count the Shawn Michaels did was extremly close and for a split second I actually thought the streak just ended. Undertaker kicked out really late but it made it that much more epic.

    BQ- It was pretty close but no it wasn't the closest. The closest the streak got to ending was at Wrestlemania 27 when Triple H destroyed Undertaker with a steel chair and hit several pedigrees and a tombstome but 'Taker still kicked out. That was the only time the I actually thought the steak just ended.

    BQ2- I'm going to go with no on this one. Sheamus doesn't have the type of career and history to be that threatening to the streak like someone like Brock Lesnar has.

    BQ3- True. The Undertaker has to face John Cena to make his streak look that much more legit. The Undertaker has never faced Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, or John Cena in his Wrestlemania career. What I mean here is, The Undertaker has never defeated "The Golden Boy." If The Undertaker wants to go down as the greatest of all time, or maybe 2nd behind Shawn Michaels, he has to go undefeated at Wrestlemania and during that undefeated streak he has to of defeated a "Golden Boy." The only remaining "Golden Boy" is John Cena. (Since The Rock has only wrestled 2 matches in the last 8 years.) The Undertaker MUST face John Cena at a Wrestlemania.

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    I, for one didn't watch the actual match. I did, however, go on WWE.com the night it was on. I immideately searched the results for that match and read the story. When I read that Undertaker kicked out of a pedigree AND sweet chin music, I literally pulled my hair in amazment. When Michaels was added as the special ref, I didn't know what to think. Sometimes I thought, Michaels has been HHH's best friend so he's gonna help him end the streak. But other times I thought, no way if HBK couldn't end the streak he won't let HHH end it either. Then the night came and I found out HBK tried to help end the streak but they STILL couldn't get it done. My reaction was just, WOOOOOOOOW!

    BQ1: That I remember, yes.

    BQ2: Sheamus has gotten a push alright but I still can't see him facing Undertaker for some reason. Rumors are that Undertaker will face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29. They had an incident at one of Brock's UFC matches so Wrestlemania will he a perfect place to settle it.

    BQ3: True. Many people believe that Cena is the only worthy superstar to end Undertaker's streak, if it ever happens. As much as people hate him, he has done almost everything in the WWE, except end the streak. Since his debut he's been US Champ, WWE Champ, Heavyweight Champ, Tag Team Champ, Slammy Award Winner, etc. They're even thinking of making him pass Ric Flair's title reigns. That's one successful superstar if you ask me. All that's left is do the one thing no other man could do, and that's end the Undertaker's Wrestlemania undefeated streak.

  • I went so crazy man! He kicked out of a Sweet Chin Music and a Pedigree! I dont no what to say! He truly is a legend!

    BQ- Yeah it was.

    BQ2- No,he doesnt deserves to face him but i would be happy if The Rock,Brock Lesnar Or Stone Cold faced him instead

    BQ3- After becoming the face of the WWE for three years,he surely will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 and it will probably be The Undertakers last match.

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    BQ 1- Pretty Much

    BQ 2- If there is nobody else but either way Sheamus would lose

    BQ 3- Definently not @ WM 29 unless if WWE would want it to be a streak vs streak match ( John Cena losing 2 times in a row)

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    True, Wrestlemania is great because it really gets me interested in the show.

    BQ: Yes

    BQ 2: No

    BQ 3: True

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    i grow to be. i actually concept Shawn had that tournament for slightly. while he kicked out of the Tombstone i grow to be like OMG i think of he's going to win. The look on taker's face grow to be useful. yet while Taker kicked out of the candy Chin track, i grow to be like damn...this tournament merits tournament of the twelve months

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    True...very very true

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