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Valencia GP, Lewis Hamilton?

What place was Lewis Hamilton running before he was taken out by Pastor Maldonado, didnt get to see the race unfortunately:( Thank you!

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    Lewis Hamilton retired on Lap 56 of 57

    He was running in Third position, behind Kimi Raikkonen, with Pastor Maldonado right behind him in fourth position. Lewis Hamilton's tyres "hit the cliff as they say" and Raikkonen overtook him, and pulled away, this lead him to have Pastor Maldonado right behind him and Maldonado tried to overtake in the first part of the corner, but Hamilton took the racing line into the second corner meaning that Maldonado had no where to go and went into the side of Lewis Hamilton, Maldonado lost his front wing and finished 10th at the end of the race, However, the stewards blamed Maldonado for the incident and he was given a 20 second race time penalty, to be added to his final time, this meant that his team mate Bruno Senna was promoted to 10th position, and Maldonado finished 12th overall.

    Lewis Hamilton would probably had finished in fourth position as Maldonado would of overtaken on the final lap with the use of DRS and fresher tyres

    Here's a video of the accident -

    Read this link for a description of the whole race -

    What a great race it was to watch though! I'd advise watching it on BBC iPlayer =)

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    Hamilton was 2nd then Raikkonen overtook him towards the end of lap 55 of 57. So he was 3rd then he was hit by Maldonado on lap 56 of 57.

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    It rather must be Hamilton, they the two drove for Maclaren in Hamilton's first season in F1 and in spite of the very shown fact that Alonso grow to be a double international champion and Hamilton grow to be in undemanding terms a rookie, Hamilton grow to be via some distance the extra suitable of the two, in fact he grow to be very unlucky to no longer have gained the call in that twelve months and yet for the alternative in one race to go away him out while he ought to have had new tyres, he could have been, this selection lost him the two factors mandatory for the victory, he confirmed Alonso the thank you to stress a formulation a million motor vehicle and Alonso grow to be embarrassed by way of fact the beginner out drove him for the entire season, that's what all the undesirable feeling between them grow to be all approximately, Hamilton grow to be extra suitable and Alonso knew it, whats extra, so do you, in any different case Alonso could have outperformed Hamilton in 2007, no longer any different way around, so, you need to state why you think of that it rather is Alonso positively, or re-evaluate your assessment.

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    lewis hamilton, is a good race car driver.

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    Yeah what they said

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