Brooklyn vs Harlem vs Bed Stuy?

Which of those is more "hood". and which one of those occurs most of the robberies and drugs?

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    7 years ago
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    Bed Stuy is a Neighborhood in Brooklyn

    Harlem is a Neighborhood in Manhattan.

    Of the 2, I would say Bed Stuy has more robberies and drugs.

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    Well Bed-Stuy is in Brooklyn. Most of Brooklyn is not "Hood." There are a few sections such as Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, Brownsville, and East New York that aren't good. The rest of the Borough is great.

    Harlem is becoming a more upcoming area, meaning more young people and families are moving into the area, because of its affordability and convenience.

    I would say Bed-Stuy is probably more "hood".

    Hope this helped!!!

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    Bed-Stuy is a neighborhood within Brooklyn.

    Both of those areas have their good and bad parts, but I think Bed-Stuy is a little worse.

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    The highest crime area in New York is "East New York", which is in Brooklyn. Most of Harlem is actually fairly low-crime.

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    Bedford Stuyvesant is a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Think when you post a question.

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