Where can I find maintenance intervals for all kinds of cars online?

Is there some kind of online database (paid or free, no matter) that one can access to get maintenance intervals for cars (belts, oil changes, coolant changes, etc)? My company being a small one, we look for bargains on company vehicles and consequently have a car from just about every major manufacturer out there and it'd be nice to be able to pull up some data so that I can tell when take it to the shop.

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    8 years ago
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    ALLDATA or Mitchell on Demand. Mitchell is better for wire diagrams but they both give maintenance intervals.

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  • Tex G
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    8 years ago

    There no one place you can go one lines. Each madel has it only set of them. As rule go. 3000. to 35oo miles between oil change. Cooland system flush, belft and hose every two years. Transmission powel streeing and rear ends flush every 50.000 miles. Turn up yearly would include air filter and the fuel filter. Check brakes yearly. Use fuel trasment every months to keep fuel system clean. If service light comes on or check engine light have it checked and reparired. You will be fine. With all the makes. This should keep your vehicles running fine. The rest depends on the drivers. Such as check the oil and water before they start the day. That they report if anything is wrong with the vehicle.

    This is what I tell fleet owner for their vehicles. This service can be set up with a shop. So you don't have all you vehicle going in at one time. Vehicle with timing belt should be changed before the reach the 60 or the 9000 miles mark. The shop can look that one up as a check on the vehicle. Let you know when it should be done. If you set up a maintance with a shop. Make it clear your vehicles go right in the shop and not set around.

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  • 8 years ago

    try the owners manual that came with the car

  • 8 years ago

    They are all pretty much the same...


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