What are some good romance stories on Wattpad?

I'm looking for romances with a strong female lead. Doesn't matter if they're slice of life, fantasy, or what not. and I definitely don't mind things getting a little smutty (;

I'm new to Wattpad so I haven't read many stories. So far my favourites are: Raven Girl and Fox Girl.


thanks so much guys! (:

Update 2:

is Never Have I Ever finished?

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    The author Ashful writes good historical romances. For a strong female lead try The Taming of Victoria Colton. It was the first story I read on watt pad and it got me hooked

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    7 years ago

    I read daily on wattpad too, and I have a lot of books you could read :3

    Never Have I Evet (definetly my fave)

    After School with Mr.Obnoxious

    The Kissing Booth

    Better Than Revenge (hilarious)

    Hey Mr. Kidnapper, can you give me a ride home?(all of this author's books are awesome)

    Believe Me, I'm lying

    The way he's not

    Lessons on love (amazing main character, hilarious)

    All i've ever wanted

    The replacement girlfriend

    Maid for hire

    Late summer rain (so sad :( )

    A proscriptive relationship (if you're into teacher student relationships :/)

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    How one can flip A good girl unhealthy Tame each funny, romantic. The lady characters start off hating the fellow but like him in the end. Each particularly quite fairly really really really effective! If you are into the university factor but its extra concerning the relationships not school so.... Hope I helped and that i particularly propose both reports as tips on how to flip A just right lady unhealthy is certainly outstanding, sweet, funny and romantic. This story is accomplished with epilogue. Tame is.... Close to finished? Close the top but really quality too! X

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    In a world, where the population is prominently gay, two teenagers need to face the conflicts associated with their heterosexuality. Jason, a nobody at Solae High School, suddenly becomes the center of attention and he doesn't like this. Along with this sudden attention comes disappointment from his mothers, and bullying at school. While his love interest, Ashlia, is popular girl that everyone loves. How would you feel if the tables were turned, and you were socially rejected for loving who you love?

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  • 7 years ago

    i don't know many stories with a female lead but The Unseen has a great story. and in you think of it read 'ELEMENTS Book Two' by BreathingHeart. just type in a tag like violet ciro ayla katie aiden

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Thief by SG0614

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